12 Women Entrepreneurs

Women Empowerment

The world talks about women empowerment. India talks about women empowerment. Take a closer look at the society and you will realize that it is not the world empowering women but women who are empowering the world. Be it a father, husband, son or even a friend, woman is standing as a support to them not letting them fall or lose, not leaving them alone, inspiring them, motivating them and making them realize their potential to achieve their dreams but when it comes to women with dreams, hardly will you find a shoulder for support.

In the country like India, where women are called ‘Devis’, they are actually treated as a cook or an object to please men or as a servant who takes care of everyone. You will not find many men supporting women’s dreams or ambitions. This is why most women have to struggle to even get their first step right while walking the path to their dream destiny. They have to face resistance and many more challenges than men do. Another sad thing is that it is easier for men to get recognition but women are usually ignored unless they make millions and billions to get themselves heard.

This magazine “Woman Power” is a salute to the empowered women who had the courage to rise beyond these challenges and set up their own enterprises. This magazine aims to give them recognition, encourage women who are still doubtful about their internal power and to connect women to build a Power House that nobody can destroy so that they create a world that supports and empowers them in the real sense.

In our first issue, we have covered stories of astonishing women who despite the challenges and extreme resistance, ventured ahead to set up their businesses. These women are self-motivated and inspire others. You can learn from them that your own will power and per-severance is all that you need to achieve your goal. We hope these stories will be enjoyable to read and will inspire you in your purpose. We look forward to have your views and your questions in support of the envisioned world of “Empowered Women”.


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