Create 1000s of High Impact Blog Articles

Chapter 1 Introduction

Do you want to stay abreast with latest trends in the digital media around the world? Do you want to know which blogs were rapidly viewed & shared globally among various peer groups? Do you want to have some knowledge, tips and tricks on how to leverage your brand digitally?

If the answer to all the above is Yes, then flip these pages and savour your brain with some amazing piece of information we have got especially for you.

Chapter 2 Blog Analysis

Lets take some popular blogs and lets find out why they are so pupular.
Go to the link and on the home page you will find a grand picture with emergency provoking title

Who would not feel like reading what happened?
The home page has clearly displayed Titles, with Good pictures, the starting paragraph and the Author name with picture. What does this suggest you?

  • There are many authors writing for it (They must be experts! Do you have a favourite author?)
  • Images are of real people, highly relevant and clear which tells you half the story to generate curiosity
  • The first paragraph can be read in no time and then if you find it amusing, you will click the article to read more. In any case, you can get engaged for a very long time on the home page itself as it has lots of interesting stories to read in a short while. You may feel like becoming a current affair expert after reading just the home page.

So what is the success formula? Highly relevant content, catchy titles and great pictures

Let’s take one Indian blog that has become very popular lately.


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