Learning Secrets Revealed

Learning is required at every stage and those who think they have learnt enough are walking down the wrong path. Learning is a continuous process which prepares you for the present and for the future. It prepares a student for good marks and good job, it prepares an employee to perform well and get promotion and it also prepares a business man to get more customers to get more profits.

But here, I am not going to talk about general learning but I would be more specific to learning skills be it a software, a language, a academic or management subject, art of speaking, networking or any form of art. I am taking this topic as a focus because it is these learning methods that differentiates a struggling learner from an efficient learner.

It is not just my learning experience but everyone around me is responsible in some or other way in revealing those learning secrets to me and this article, I would be spreading those out before you in very brief and in a very simple manner.

Learning through 5 senses: It is proven by science that things that we can associate with more of our senses of perceptions are able to generate more connections in our brains. More are the connections, less are the chances of their destruction and less are the chances of forgetting. The ways we teach a child prove the fact every day. A child when wants to explore an object or simply wants to learn the name of the object, it doesn’t just listen to your words and learn but it explores the object through all its senses. A child would look at it, touch the object, bring it close to smell it, bite it to taste, throw it to hear the sound, he or she would do everything to explore the object and then the name is imprinted in his or her mind forever. We have grown but the way humans learn would remain same. So, to learn anything try using as many senses as you can and there will be high chances that you will not forget your learning and your memory will become magnetic attracting every knowledge you want to absorb. You may explore more of this multi-sensory memory

Reading out aloud: It is like an extension to the idea of learning through senses. When a person reads out aloud, one is using eyes, tongue to speak which creates a feeling and ears to listen to ones own voice. So, there is no doubt that the level of absorption of the knowledge would be higher. This is the same reason why most students try to mug things up by reading out aloud before exams. If we can do it in college why not now if we are still open to learning?

Explore yourself with pen: It is another proven fact that mind works better on paper than on a laptop and when one writes down, lot more ideas emerge in mind and the learning is better. This idea has already been greatly stored by the most common technique of corporate today – mind map – you write your ideas and those words generate more ideas. This tool has now been widely used for educational purposes.

Achieve through visualization: Visualization is not used only for meditation as most people know but it can also bring up ideas, and learning confidence in you. You may try visualizing yourself as an expert of the topic you are learning. Visualize yourself as a speaker talking on this subject in front of 500 people, may be 5 years down the line. Your mind will take you to the future where you are no more a learner but an expert himself or herself. Although, it may not sound workable to you but when you will try this, you would be amazed at your own capabilities of learning.

Learn by observing: If you want to learn something, talk to experts, be with them and observe them or their work closely enough to churn your mind into learning. A language learner can watch others speaking, a design student may explore others designs, a person wanting to learn networking can talk with an expert communicator.

Learning with creativity: Creativity is not only in painting, designing or writing, it is in fact every where. Creativity is everything beyond conventional thinking. To be creative requires you to live in a creative environment but what does this creative environment consist of? A creative person, close walk with nature, a creative art, creative books, creative multimedia videos, all these can open up your mind. If you are stuck with a letter you are going to send to your client in office, or you are stuck with a software program, go take a walk in the part beside office or just explore the spread out sky from terrace and suddenly a solution will emerge from nowhere and you will learn what you should do.

You may take a look at this small article that talks about some more secrets, some of them may already be know to you but a few will definitely blow up your mind. And if you want to become a super learner, this course on Udemy may help you to great extent as it did to me and gave me some information about scientific evidences behind learning methods that I have already mentioned earlier out of my own experience and observation.

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