The Crime Detective

The Beautiful Suspect

Suspects never look innocent. They always have a wild and aggressive streak that gets visible to every experienced crime detective and Ketan was exceptionally good at it. He may not identify the victim at the first site but could definitely point out those who have maligned minds. However, this time he was feeling like a failure. The prime suspect of his recent murder case was a girl with milky beauty and a mesmerizing smile. Her eyes looked transparent and her gestures were all so obvious and blended with nature. There appeared nothing dubious in her appearance. But Ketan needed to be careful and be a chase till he could be sure that this angelic childlike face did not have a mischievous mind inside.

Rohit Mehra was a pure businessman. He was also a good family man and social rockstar with rarely any enemies around. Ketan could not expect him to offer her name as a potential murderer of his wife for no solid reasons. Ketan had a choice of straight interrogation with her but that was not his style as it could warn the suspect who could then take it as an opportunity to hide things. So, a rigorous spying with careful observation was his plan.

He had been after her for almost four days following her in all places – malls, streets, book shops, and even kirana shops. The most frequent visits were in book shops. One the fifth day of his chase, for the first time, he found the lady going into a place not looking very posh. It was an old building ready to collapse anytime even if someone would shout. Ther building was scary but she looked quite normal. Nothing looked unusual in the way she walked inside the building and Ketan followed her. There was no lift so he had to keep sneaking and waiting till she would reach the next levels and kept on doing it till the girl reached on the third floor. An old creaky door was waiting for her which she opened and went inside. An old man with large bald head and freaky wide lenses sat there. He looked at the girl with busy eyes that were not ready to take complete look and gave her a register to fill. It was a library, a very old one. Probably, a historical place and besides the old rusted pale books, the library also appeared to have a room for keeping antique pieces. The library was huge but the systems were age old. He wondered if the people working in the library would have even heard of the word “digital” which is rocking the world today.

After signing the register, the girl in the canary yellow dress went to sit on a typical bench that reminded him of old government offices. ‘God! She was looking so beautiful like a fresh flower in the mid of this rusty place’. The thought disturbed him. He was not supposed to be falling for a girl who could be a murderer and even if she was not, she was still a suspect and he should not be thinking of anything else. That was  against the ethical codes of his conduct. So, he tried to control his emotions and went to the old receptionist. He was given the same treatment with half raised eyes and a register. He wondered if the man was a gay. If he was not taking a careful look at him, he could understand but even with the pretty girl, was not normal.

Person: Nidhi Gupta…To meet: Mr. Prakash Jha

He knew the name already but now he also came to know that she had not visited the library just to get books as she did normally but was there to meet a person. He repeated the name in his entry and faked his name as Nitin Pandit. As he sat besides waiting for Mr. Jha, he looked around to see if he could get any clues but he could see was the hide and seek of insects like rodents and cockroaches.

The wait would have been too boring if only the girl with the pretty face was not sitting beside. She was carrying a red leather day satchel, a usual choice of the girl of her age and built. She flipped opened the bag that contrasted beautifully with her dress in colour and took out a book, must of at least 400 pages, he thought. Why are girls so studious or rather why are innocent looking girls are always studious, he wondered.

Just like her dress, the book was also yellow, just a little pale and on it was written in big white words Ancient India in white by R C Majumdar. She started reading it which made him realize that the man she was waiting would have something to do with her studies or interest in the subject of history and nothing with the murder.

He only watched her read silently with his sneaky eyes. She looked so calm and poised, no action until a big mosquito came flying from the desk of the old man, reached him but left without bite and then went to sat on the girls naked shoulder. Even the mosquito knew that there was a beauty sitting inside. She hushed the mosquito away gently but it came back. She tried again but it came back. The mosquito was not ready to leave the girl and kept pestering her, not allowing her to concentrate on her book. The girl played with the insect in the air like a small child who did not know that the insect can also be killed with just one slap.

“Why are you not killing it?” He said twitching his face showing the hint of unusual irritation in him

“What ? Kill ? me? No no no I can’t kill it”

“Why? It is just a mosquito”

“So what I can’t kill” suddenly she jumped from her seat and climbed on the Bench making a loud screech “Cockroach”

He stood up and picked a broom which was kept on a corner and  gave it to her


“What what kill it”

“Who me ? again. No I cant , you kill” She threw the broom back to him and he had no choice but to catch it.

“Why it is just a….” then he decided to not argue with her anymore and complete the task himself. He hit the Cockroach hard with the broom and it was killed instantly. Nidhi took a sigh and slowly got down from the bench. He picked the lifeless Cockroach with one of its tentacles and pulled it up in the air. By this time, the girl had settled down on the bench and was back to reading. The fake Nitin took the cockroach and pushed it close to her. He had no idea why he was doing it but as the cockroach went closer to her face, she flinched.

“AAH!” She shouted” what are you doing? Are you mad?” instantly getting up from the bench. He books slipped from her hands and landed on the corner of the bench.

“Hey, it is dead”

“So what! it is creepy. Shoo Shoo” she kept waving her hands hinting him to take the insect away from her. He decided not to trouble her anymore and threw the insect in the dustbin kept beside the bench.

“You can’t kill mosquito, you can’t kill Cockroach. Can you kill an ant at least?”
“Are you making fun of me? OK go ahead but I don’t care . I can’t kill anything may it be a mosquito or an ant”

“Why?” He made a whacky face

“That’s none of your business”

“You can’t kill mosquito, you can’t kill Cockroach. You can’t kill an ant. Then how come you killed a person. Huh!” he said to himself but mistakenly loud enough for her to hear.

“Kill a person? What  are you saying ?I can’t even see a man bleeding. ” her frowns grew bigger and she had her eyes showing pain.

“Nothing just a bit…you know something after listening to you I am feeling that how ruthless and how bad I am . I just thought that you are so thoughtful and I am so am a moron you know . You opened my eyes” he gabbled something thoughtlessly and left the room instantly dismissing his idea of following her more.

She looked at him leaving, in a surprise and could not understand why he left . Just because she didn’t kill an insect “Crazy” she said “ Crazier than me..ha ha” she laughed at him.

After coming out of the building, Ketan headed straight to Rohit’s office that was on Kemps Corner. The office building was starkly contrasting with the building Ketan had visited just a few minutes back. It had lift and all the amazing amenities any office goer would need. He entered the reception area. It was posh, elite and had a small artificial waterfall flowing at the back of the reception. The receptionist was not old but a young and beautiful woman with a pretty face and a very stylish spectacles.

“How may I help you?” She spoke in a sweet and welcoming voice unlike the old man who only had his eyes do all the business.

At Client’s Office

“You have wasted my time” sais Ketan, looking straight into the eyes of Rohit who stood there at his desk

“what do you mean?”

“We are chasing a wrong person. She can’t kill mosquito, She can’t kill Cockroach.She can’t kill an ant. Then how can she kill a person?” Ketan spoke in a very unlikely tone.

“I did not understand a word of what you just said” Rohit said, a furrow growing between his eyes.

He told him the whole story that he could not find a clue against her despite chasing her along five days and that he felt that she was actually innocent.

“May be she was just bluffing” said Rohit without giving it much thought.

“Why should she bluff? She doesn’t even know me”

“I don’t know Ketan but you have to continue to follow her because she is the suspect. You can’t just leave her until she is proved innocent.”

“I couldn’t find even a single clue which could suggest anything about her which is related to this murder of your wife except that she just knew her because she met her the day before she died”

“May be she is innocent but are you 100% sure. I mean criminals are usually the most innocent looking people . Please Ketan, I don’t want to take a risk with this. I am not asking you to arrest her or something but just keep chasing her till you are sure.”

“Ok but I think we should look for other options rather than just targeting her. We may lose on the opportunity to get to the right culprit if we keep on running behind an innocent. Do you know anyone else who may be involved?”

“My wife never had clashes with anyone . I have no idea who could it be but I will think and tell you if I remember anything”

“OK let me know. I would like to know more about your wife’s trips in past 2 months. Can I get them.”

“Sure I will give you”

 Just like Rohit, Anita was also a very social person. In fact, she was even socially active in helping others. She would extend help to places like orphanages and would volunteer for events promoting social causes. Most people Ketan had interviewed after her murder were surprised at the thought of the idea of murdering a girl like Anita who had always been friends with everyone.


Ketan had the opportunity to meet Anita in a charity occasion where he had gone see one of his clients. He hardly spoke to her on the day but did observe her carefully which game him a good judgement about her personality. When he heard the news of the murder, it was shocking as just after a few days of their meeting, the lady was no more.

The next few days of his life, were spent in Anita’s office. The murder happened at the house which was already explored enough for clues so Ketan had decided to investigate the office in a hope of finding some link. Although active in social issues, Anita was regular in office and was loved by the staff. He had interviewed her employees earlier but had got only standard answers that added no clues. Maybe there was something that he was missing out. He hoped if any of the staff members modified their narration with a possibility of involvement but nothing of that sort happened. Ketan was still confident of getting some way out to the discovery of the murderer. He had a record of always finding the real criminal in every case then how could he not get right this time. He was a mystery champion.

Saving a Child

One day he was going through a road when he found some crowd gathered near the corner

A lady was crying “Please someone save my daughter” he looked towards the road where everyone was looking. One side of the road ended in a deep slope which was huge enough to get killed if any vehicle upturned. He came closer to see a young girl about 12 years of age who was dangling from the cliff. The place looked very dangerous and with full of rocks where anyone can fall if tried to save the girl. Before he could move to take an action to save the child, he saw a young lady running towards the cliff. She crossed the wires which were made to protect the vehicles from falling and went straight to the girl. She supported herself from a tree and picked the girl from her hand which was free. She turned towards the road holding the girl and asked the people to take her. When she turned , it was like a shock to him. She was the same girl whom he has been following for so long. What kind of girl she was, he thought. She was afraid of insects and could not see blood but when a girl was in trouble she risked her life. Suddenly the boulder on which she was standing slipped and she almost fell but she held herself from the tree which was again in a very critical condition as it could also fall anytime. Without wasting any further time, ketan hurried to save her. He went to the hedge and held her in his arms. She closed her eyes and opened only when she was sure that she was safe.

“ You can not kill an insect but you dared to climb this hedge and risked your life for the child! Is that child related to you?” he asked still holding her

“Thank you Beta, you saved my girl. Thank you very much. I don’t know how to…”

“It is OK Aunty. This was my duty “ She said

He understood that the girl was not related but she risked her life for a child who was a stranger to her

“Come on she is a small child. I could not see her die in front of me and doing nothing just staring like other people were doing”

“What if you had died in the attempt?”

“At least I could save one life, one life which may be important for many”

He could not exactly understand what she meant but she was definitely talking about the girl’s parents

He dropped her to her place. She was living in a hostel with 2 of her friends.

While going back home, his mind was full of her thoughts. Nobody has ever made so much impact on him as she did. He could never forget her after that. She was so simple, so innocent , so nice, definitely not a killer. She was a doll. He didn’t want to trouble her anymore and was sure that she was not involved in the murder but he still wanted to follow her because she was the first girl on earth who touched his heart. He stopped suddenly applying breaks.

“My heart? What is this? What is happening to me? Am I no it cant be it is no Ketan please forget about it, she is your suspect and you have to follow her to find clue and not to ..Oh my God! Whats happening. I never felt like this before” he started the car again and went back home cancelling his plan to go the office. He went back home and slept.

He was not able to see her but he was sure she was there in a Pink dress. She looked like a fairy. She was running from him and he wanted to see her. He was all surrounded with trees. It appeared like a forest where he couldn’t see any sign of human except her. He wanted her desparately. He found himself running after her. She glided between the leaves of the trees in such an amazing manner that it increased his curiosity. Someone had told him that she is the one he has been looking for a very long time. Suddenly a huge mountain came and she stopped.

“Please wait” He pleaded “I want to see you”

“No this is not the right time”she said

“Please don’t go. I want you” He held her hand and turned her

He got up with a shock.


Episode 3

“Oh my God! What was that?” It was not a horrible dream but the face of the girl of his dream disturbed him. He got up and went to the mirror. He tried to look inside his own eyes.

“Is this L O V E?” He closed his eyes in confusion and again her face came up


“Hey Ketan. Whats up yaar. Its been so many days that we met. Mr. Busy can you please come down here I am with the gang.”

It was Harshad , one of his best friends. He had a group of 4 friends who were very close. All lived in the same city and used to meet or talk almost everyday. But for the past few days or rather months he had been too busy with his work and could never meet them.

“I am coming” He said

Aakash opened the door

“Oh my God! Mr. Busy is here actually. Hey dude we were really not expecting you”

Ketan smiled and they both hugged each other tight as if they have met after years.

“Thanks for coming dude”

“Oh please yaar. I am sorry”

When he came inside the room where everyone was enjoying drink with match on TV,  everyone looked at him with surprise.

“Man, wow” Pradeep got up and hugged him “We miss you yaar”

Harshad also got up to hug him. Such a warm welcome by those friends whom he ignored for so many days. He was feeling very guilty. It was not that he didn’t care but he was really busy and he hated that his work demands so much attention that he could rarely meet his friends sitting in the same city. But he also loved his work very much. He was somehow not able to balance the two.

“So what’s going on? Anything special to tell” Harshad asked

“How do you know?” He smiled without giving a thought that he may be asking in general and not referring to the particular incidence. He was so much engrossed in her thoughts that he realized it after asking that now he has to tell the whole story to his friends.

“Oh Man, don’t tell me . Is it about a girl?” They were all so shocked because he was the most uninterested person when it was about girls in their graduation days. he always felt that such

relationships are waste of time and that is why he had been avoiding every time his Mom talked about marriage.

“Shit!” He regretted his mistake.

“Oh my God I cant believe this. It is about a girl. Right . Now tell us the whole story man. Dude you are crazy . I mean just look at him. Ketan and girl. Whoop. Whats her name?”

“I don’t know. I mean of course I know her name but I don’t know whether what I am feeling is ..I mean I am confused….” He told them the whole story on which everybody started making noise and they shared the drinks. It was a long time since they had shared such moments with him. That night was a blast for this circle of 4. They drank, talked whole night and when he got up in the morning, he found them all lying in the same bed.

He got up to get fresh. His eyes were half closed when he tried to open the washroom door. Suddenly Pradeep jumped out of it “Hooooo”

“Oh Shit! Man you scared the hell out of me” said Ketan holding his heart

“So how was the night? Saw her in your dream again?” He jumped his eyebrows in a funny way

“No, I am too drunk to remember that”

“To remember what girl or dream?” He pounced on Pradeep and hit him bad. Pradeep smiled in return and he hugged him “I love you dude. I really need to speak to you”

They came into drawing room where a big sofa was kept. The room was full of creative things. The door and walls painted with special designs something very typical of Harshad. He was a painter and loved to paint walls. They sat on the Sofa to discuss

“Yaar, she doesn’t even know who I am . Its just twice that we met. Yes I have been following her for a very long but as my suspect but now . I don’t know how and when it happened but it just happened and I am confused whether…”

“Dude, I don’t know whether it is deep enough to be called love or not but you like her for sure . right?”

“Yes” He smiled

“Dude, I have never seen you smile like that. That shyness haan” He kicked Ketan.

Ketan wanted to hit him for the comment he just made but he didn’t because actually he was right and he was not able to hide his feelings.

“What should I do now?”

“We need to think. You just cannot go and tell her straightway that you like because she doesn’t even know you but the good point is that you saved her life and she is greatful for that. So if we can make coincidences where you get a chance to meet her , then we can definitely expect something. But don’t tell her that you were following her as your suspect in a murder”

“Of course yaar”

“hey dude, I have got an idea. A brilliant idea”


Episode 4

“What ?”

“Dude she is very fearful right? And you are a crime detective so..”

“so what?”

“We will plot a fake theft and she will be the victim. The thief will try to kill her and you as her hero will save her”

“What no that’s crazy. What if she comes to know. She will hate me for that”

“Who is going to tell her man?”

He would never do such a crazy thing in his life but this time he was really considering it. The same idea was discussed among the “circle of 4” which they used to call themselves in college and his fate was decided

Harshad was the murderer as he looked very gigantic and Pradeep was the assistant. Aakash was going to make arrangements and monitor the drama. But the question was how to make her go to such a place where this can be done. They planned to do it on Wednesday taking three days for preparation.

Next morning he was very excited because very soon he was going to get his dreamgirl. He got up and got ready for the office. He had to buy some stuff for which he halted the car in between, near a shop. The shop owner asked him to wait while searching for the packet. He looked on the side of the shop, there was lane going inside. It appeared like some sort of historical building . He felt like going inside. The building was always there but he never ever noticed it but after meeting this history girl, the building caught his attention. He went inside. It was along lane with both the sides filled with ancient designs. He went ahead thinking about her. It led him to a museum which was very old and to his surprise he found his dream girl over there.

He moved ahead but when he went close to her something disturbed him. She looked very scared and was hiding from someone. He slightly put his one hand on her shoulder and she jumped with fear. She held her mouth to keep her from shouting. Looking at him she appeared a bit relieved. She jumped and hugged him.

“What happened?”

“Shh” She put her hand on his mouth and asked him to leave the place but before they could leave from there he saw a man coming towards them with a knife in his hand drenched with blood. He had just murdered a girl and he was about to look towards them. Before he could realize that these two people were present there, she pulled Ketan down to hide again.

The man didn’t see him but went to the girl who was now dead to held her by hands. He was may be planning to hide the body.

“It is a murder. Why are you trembling?”

“what sort of question is that ? He is murderer. He just killed a girl and I am afraid he can do this to us. Why else. Are you crazy? Are you not afraid? Do you have a phone?”


“yes phone” he gave her his mobile. She started dialing the number 100

“What are you doing?” He held her hand. She looked up in surprise. “Wait “

He got up and started walking towards the murderer while he was busy in making an arrangement for hiding the deadbody.

“What are you doing ? You will get us killed? You fool” She hid again in fear but Ketan didn’t stopped. After all he was a crime detective and his hero as well. There was a small well on one side of the wall and he was planning to throw the body inside it. But before he could do that he had to open the lid of the well. He managed to open the lid but before he could move the lid aside to turn back to pick the dead body, Ketan held him with his one hand on his neck while the other hand was holding his hand in which he carried the knife to protect himself from getting killed.

“Call the police” Ketan shouted while Nidhi dialed the number 100. While she was talking to the police and telling them the exact location, Ketan managed to keep the murderer busy. He had to knock him down to save himself as he was very restless and tried every shot to kill Ketan. But Ketan was strong man . Though he was hurt on his right hand by the knife but still he somehow caught him again. He was in extreme danger but he had to do this. His job demanded this. A crime detective can not leave the venue in fear of getting hurt by the criminal.

While he was fighting with the man, Nidhi was looking at him in ambush.

The Police came after almost 15mins , the most difficult 15mins for Ketan.

“Take the basterd “

“Thank you sir. This was really very brave of you”

“This is my work also” He replied to it

“I know sir but you are hurt. Patil, take saab to the hospital, I will take care of the rest”

“No it’s Ok . I have a car . I will manage” He looked at her . She was still very confused

“Who is this girl?”

“No don’t involve her in this. The murderer is in front of you with the knife and dead body. Now do your work and in case you require any help I am the witness for you” He put his hand on the Policeman’s shoulder and left.

“Lets go” He asked her to follow him.

“Who are you?”

“I am the Crime Detective”


 Episode 5

She blinked her eyes. She knew that she was in safe hands but she was still under the same trauma.

“Don’t worry you will be fine”

“what if he tried to kill me so that I do not become a witness”

“Don’t worry. You are safe till I am with you”

“And what if he tries to kill you?”

“Didn’t he?” He smiled to which she gave a hesitating smile

“Wait you are bleeding. I will…”

“Don’t worry. It is small.”

“No it’s not you need to go to hospital and hospital is far from here. Till then we need to stop this bleeding . You wait here” She ran towards the medical shop at the corner and brought the first Aid. She opened the cotton with poured the dettol on it. She held his hand and wrapped the cotton on the wound. While she was wrapping the tape, he could observe her very closely. Though he was in deep pain but he was somehow not feeling it. He wanted to hold her in his arms but coudn’t dare any such action.

“Yes now it’s done. Lets go to hospital”

“You have already done so good aid now why do we need to go to hospital”

“What are you saying ? Don’t be so ignorant. It is not a small wound . It was a huge knife. Come we have to go to hospital and then you will get the titnis”


“Yes titnus, don’t tell me you are afraid of injection” he nodded

“Hey, you are a crime detective and you just know fought with a murderer and you are saying that you are afraid of this small injection!”

“yes, the same way you saved that child risking your life but you are afraid of cockroach.” He smiled and she smiled back shying from him. Her smile was very cute and soothing. Some sort of heavenly that’s what he felt and it made his heart melt more for her. He was not sure whether he was in love but for now he loved her sweet smile.

He went to the Hospital with her. The doctor who was examining him wanted to see the would

“No. It ‘s Ok I will not open it. Please you give me a titnus and we will leave”

“But we need to see the depth of the wound. It may require to have you stitch”

“No you can see it afterwards. I will not open it now, I have some work. I need to go to office just now.” He didn’t want him to remove the band which she had tied.

“Don’t behave like a child. Come on you have to open it. Don’t worry it will not pain much” she insisted

“How do you know?”

“I know and you have to listen to me. Doctor, open the wound now”

“No” He jumped from the seat. He pushed him down on bed again. He jumped up again and she held him again.

“I cant believe you are a crime detective. You are so…”

“So what . No doctor I am not letting you open this today. I will come tomorrow” he stood up again

“No now. Nothing is more important than your life. Doctor go ahead” While the doctor was opening and then examining the wound , he was again lost in her eyes.

“Ahh” He shouted when Doctor pressed his wound.

“We need to stitch it. It is very deep”

“Stitch? No”

He asked her to wait outside


 Episode 6

“No, please don’t go. I need you. I am very afraid of stitches . Please be my support” Though that was not true and he was strong enough to handle the situation but still he insisted.

She stayed back seeking doctors permission. Though that was not allowed in the hospital but still doctor agreed as he knew Ketan and looking at the situation he could sense what Ketan wanted. While he allowed her to stay back, he smiled secretly knowing that this was all intentional of Ketan.

“Please hold my hand . I need your moral support” He gave his free hand to her and she held him worried about his pain. She was not feeling very comfortable while he was continuously looking at her.

“Don’t worry you will be fine”

“I know now that you are with me” She gave a slight smile. She was too shy to look at him now

“Stop it!” She said in low voice

“Stop what?”

“Stop looking at me like this. What is wrong with you?”

“I like you” He whispered in near her. Though it was intended for her only but even his wisper was loud enough to get the attention of the Doctor. The doctor cleared his throat and didn’t say anything but was busy with stiching

“What are you saying? Are you nuts?”

“Yes, I am about you. I love you” She left his hand and said “ I am waiting outside”

“No, please don’t go. Please” But she left “Hey I was just kidding , please come back. Shit!”

“why did you laugh?”

“I didn’t laugh!”

“No you didn’t , you cleared your throat.”

“Yes I did because it was itching”

“Oh really, itching just for that moment”

“Ketan, please don’t move . I am not yet finished”

“You complete this then I will see y..AAH! Watch out man. It pains”

“It will pain. I am not stiching a cloth. It is your skin dear. Now please keep shut for some time till I am finished then you can continue your flirting”

“Flirting? I was not flirting with her. I really like her”

“Good for you. Now please will you allow me to finish my work”

Till she was sitting , she took his whole attention but now he was feeling the pain. It went on for another 5mins . The most painful 5mins of his life. While he was getting himself stitched from a doctor and his would be girlfriend was angry and he couldn’t even talk to her.


“Yes” he jumped up from the Bed

“Wait. Let me band aid it first”

“Do it fast”

“ You are crazy” Doctor commented

“I know. Need not remind me. Now hurry up”

When he came out of the room, she was waiting at the reception.

“Hey, I…”

“I think I need to go now”

“Will you not drop me home. My hand is paining. I cannot drive”

“I don’t know to drive”

“It’s OK we will go by taxi. I will pick the car later”

“For that you don’t need me”

“Of course I need you, see my hand it is not moving” He held his hand in the air and tried to move it “AAh!”

“Ok lets go” She called for a taxi without even looking at him and got him inside. Uncle he is hurt , please help him in getting down once you reach his house.”

“No that’s not fair. I saved your life and you are leaving me in the middle of this taxi”

She looked at him in anger while he tried to touch his ears “Ahh!”

She opened the door and got inside

“Driver lets go”

“I am sorry” She didn’t look at him

“I was just joking” She still didn’t look at him

“Ok fine I was not joking or rather I am not sure about the love part but I really like you”

She looked at me with a frown on her face

“Please don’t get me wrong. I have never met a girl in my life who can made me feel this way. I think about you when you are not there , I dream about you when I am sleeping, I…”

“Are you mad? This is only the third time that we met”

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” She was still angry

“Ok fine, not first . can you believe in love at second or third sight?” It made her smile though she didn’t want to and she looked towards the window while trying to hold her smile.

“Hey, I really like you. If you don’t believe me, feel my heart . It is beating so heavy for you”

“Are you flirting with me ?” She looked at him now smiling

“No I am not. I swear..Aah! believe me”

“I don’t believe you. No way”

“Ok then can we be friends?” He held his OK hand towards her “Come on its paining

She held his hand in affirmation “ But this hand is not hurt then why is it paining?”

“It is not paining now” he said smiling

“How can you be so funny? You just got hurt by a huge knife and got yourself stitched and now you are talking to me in this way. Are you not feeling the pain?”

“Yes, of course I was feeling but now that you are here…”

“Stop it” She closed her ears


Episode 7 

For some time they both were quiet.

“You are not rude”


“yes, I thought Crime detectives are very rude”

“Who told you that?”

“Just thought. After seeing so many dead bodies and crimes, they may loose their emotions and their hearts turn into a solid stone” he looked disturbed now. Her dialog reminded him of the dialog his Mom had said to him while she was giving him the new dish she made for him while he was hurrying for work. Till she was with him, he hardly talked to her and now that she has left him and went to stay with his sister, he missed her very much. Though she comes to meet him often but most of the time she stays with his Sister, ashi. He was quiet for some time

“I am sorry. Did I hurt you. I didn’t mean to ..”

“It’s OK” He looked on the other side. He was really hurt not because her comment was bad but because it was true in his case.

“I am sorry” He touched his shoulder

He didn’t reply and continued looking at the window. After they reached home, she helped him in getting down

“it’s OK I will manage. Thanks .Take Madam to her place” He gave the driver money and went inside the house without even looking at her

She was disappointed for she hurt him. “can I get you card” She shouted

He looked back looking angry . Though wanted to give his number but he didn’t . She got inside the Taxi and left. He heard the taxi starting

“Hey, wait “ he turned back to stop her but before he could reach her, she was gone

“Shit Man! What have you done? Crime Detectives a really rude” He said to himself and went inside. Soon he got inside the house, he threw himself on the bed and called Harshad “ I need to tell you something . It is urgent. Come here all of you” and he put the phone down.

Then he picked his cell again. He wanted to call her but her couldn’t because though he had her number but officially he had not taken it from her so in her eyes he was not supposed to know her number. He scolded himself for spoiling the chance of asking her for the dinner.

So he called his Mom

“Hi Mom”

“Hello Beta. What a surprise you called. How are you?”

“why did you say that . Did I never called you?”

“Of course you did Beta but for last 2 month you have been very busy”

He scolded himself again for this. 2 months, that was a huge time. He realized he actually didn’t call her for over 2 months. Whenever he talked, it was Mom who called. How can he be so ignorant about her most special relation?

“Crime Detectives are very rude” He said

“No beta I didn’t mean that”

“Of course you did and that is why you left me”

“I didn’t leave you Beta you only insisted that I should stay with your sister” he felt bad but she was right. Why do these women are always right when it hurts he thought

“I know but I miss you Mom” She was silent for a moment on phone but knew actually she must be crying because that was something he had never said to her. Though he felt the gap but could never gather a courage to accept it in front of her mom. But today he was a changed man because of Nidhi. Now he wanted to share time with his Mom, his sister and enjoy with his friends. He decide to visit them next week.

We impatiently waited for his circle. When he opened the door for them, they came shouting into the house with lots of stuff with them

“What’s all this?”

“Its celebration”

“Celebration for what?”

“because you …hey what happened to your hand”

“It’s a long story. Come I will tell you in detail” and he explained everything what happened to them.

“Hey that was better than our planning” Pradeep commented

“Yes except that it was real”

“So our captain is a real hero now” then he told the remaining story about how he told her about his feelings

“Man you are too much. You told her you love her. But you said you were confused”

“Yes I was but no more”

“That means you really love her?”

“May be”

“What is this may be?”

“I mean yes I love her”

“So whats the plan now”

“I did one mistake” He told them about how she asked for his card and he refused in anger

“Wow man. Don’t worry . Nothing doing , She may not know where do you live bu we know vey well where she lives” he gave a five to him.

“I don’t want to plan anything right now. My case is at a  critical stage and I need to find the culprit soon. And next week I am going to my sister’s place so rest all will happen after this”

Those 2 weeks were hard for him as there was not even a single moment when he was not thinking about her. He wanted to know what she thinks about him. Whether she has approved of him or was she still angry. But altogether those were good days when he was with his family after a long time. He enjoyed her mother’s food , her sister’s teasing. Her sister was married for  2 years and he couldn’t meet her in these 2 years after marriage though when they lived together they were inseparable and there was not a single thing which they did not share. In fact when she found her boy, Ketan was the first one to know about Nikhil and after he was satisfied they both told Mom about her.

One day they were sitting for the lunch in the garden and they were talking about how Nikhill and Anamika met and how Nikhil proposed her.

“and by the way Ketan how did you that he was going to come that day?” asked Anamika

But Ketan didn’t answer.

“Ketan…ketan..Ketan” She got up and came close to him and whispered “Ketan, where are you?”


Episode 8

“A…I..I”He put his hand on his head and made a sorry face

“Now tell me whats her name” she umped her eyebrows and he smiled.

while others were still discussing about the Nikhil’s love story, here was the beginning of a new story. She took him to the swing

“Shoot” and he started his story though he had not planned to tell her because it was just the beginning but how could he hide his feeling from a sister like her. He suddenly remembered how deeply she could understand him and that inspite of all the distance maintained by him, she was still the same.

“You proposed her and that too in just 3rd meeting. Wow that sounds like my Bro”


“really my Bro who could never hide any of his feelings or desires. No matter how crazy were your ideas but once it came to you mind then …you remember how you took revenge from that Mira. I told you just forget she is a young girl but no, you were desparate to teach her a lesson”

“Yes I remember and when she fell into the mud she was so embarrassed. She almost killed me’

“Almost, if I were not there then she would have definitely done something to you.’

“By the way where is she now any idea”

“Good you asked, actually a very sad thing happened to her”

“What happened”

“She lost both of her legs in an accident”

“Oh God!”

“Ya, it too bad anyways they have now shifted to panchgani”

He realized how unaware he was of what is happeneing to the people around him and he never ever bothered to know.

“She must be so shock. Just imagine a boy no not just a boy but a crime detective just met her and proposed….” She started laughing loud “That was really crazy of you Bro and that too in a hospital in front of the doctor” She laughed again and he joined her.

“What is going on better brother and sister? Why are you laughing. Tell us also” Mom came and sat beside him

“nothing we were just enjoying our childhood memories”Anamika replied

The whole week went on like this only. There were childhood discussions, games, altogether it was fun and he felt the need to give more time to his family in future.

They day he was leaving back to Pune, he was very excited and sad as well. Excited because he could now meet Nidhi and sad because he was leaving his family.

The day he returned to Pune his friends had planned for a dinner together. While they were having lunch he observed a familiar voice on the opposite table. He wanted to find whether his guess was right. While enjoying with his friends his half attention was on the voice.

“How much?” she asked the person sitting in front of her

“1200” She took her wallet and gave the credit card .

When her billing was finished, she got up and turned towards them.

She came to him and said “Hi”

“Hey, nice to see you. How are you”

“Good, how about you”

“Friends, this is Diya, my school friend and Diya these are my  friends, harshad, Pradeep and Aakash”

“Hello! And this my friend Kiran”

“Why don’t you join us?” Pradeep asked

“No, actually we just finished and were leaving”

“so what if you not upto something important then please join us” Ketan insisted


She was a famous lawyer of Mumbai  typically handling business cases. She told that she got transferred to Pune recently and was staying with her parents.

“So how is Uncle?”

“Oh , his tour is not yet finished. We are expecting him to come back may be by next year”

“Next year, that’s very long and what about Aunt then, she must be getting very bored when you go to work”

“No, she is not staying with me now. She is with Anamika”



“It’s OK I can understand” She knew him very well as she has been a very good friend for a very long time but they didn’t meet for almost last 3 years. When in college they were very frequently in touch over mails and chat. In fact she used to like him very much but soon realized that Ketan was not thinking in that direction so she quit. She had indirectly told him about her feelings but Ketan didn’t want that so she stopped talking to him. But today she had kind of forgotten him and was dating some other guy. Though she was not very serious about him but he could keep her busy for the weekends and for the rest of the time she was busy with her work.

“So hows life”

“Good, I have a boyfriend”

“Boyfriend, cool so any plans for marriage”

“No, not yet actually we are not that serious. In fact I am not that serious but just trying if it works”

“O K” He could understand that she was not very comfortable sitting with a person who did not approve of her relationship. Her friend was busy talking to the rest of the circle. He could see in her eyes that she has still not forgetten him totally

“I am sorry”


“For whatever I mean, you know I was kind of …you know never…believed in love. But know I am realizing that love is so special”

“What did you say? Love is special. Are you …I mean…any girl?”

“No, not yet” He said with a hesitating smile. He was feeling very nervous now that he was not able to hide his feelings from anyone. First his friends got it, then siste and now this girl. He was very confused. He couldn’t believe that the man who never cared for love was just falling and falling into her trap. Though she did not ask much but definitely she understood.


 Episode 9

“So you are a painter” Harshad shouted

“Yes, why” Kiran asked

“I am also a painter”

“Really, wow that’s a good coincidence. Then we will have a good together”

“yes, together so hope you don’t mind if I would ask you for a coffee”

“Coffee..Ok but not this week. This week I am quiet busy you know. Why don’t you call me next week”

“Oh sure why not, but for that I will be requiring you number”

She smiled and gave her card to him and Harshad gave his card in return

“ Oh so you are a website designer too’

‘Ya, a freelancer”

“Cool yaar. Anyways I think we need to go now otherwise we will be very late. You guys enjoy” They got up left

“Coffee” Harshad murmured after she left

Everyone started looking at him

“She is beautiful right?”

“You bastard” Pradeep kicked him and everyone was laughing. Harshad was always weak when it is about girls but unfortunately he never got a chance to date a girl because no girl approved of him beause of his gigantic appearance. But time he may be lucky. Kiran was not that beautiful but was quiet young and pretty.

While going to bed he was still thinking about her while his friends were enjoying the deep sleep. They had planned for spending the night at Ketan;s house as the next day was a bank holiday and everyone was free. After sometime he got up and went to the balcony. He was so much engrossed in her thoughts that he was not able to control his feelings. He felt as if he was in a deep trap and could not get out of this

“She is the most challenging case of my life” He said to himself

He picked Aakash’s phone and dialed her number , something which he was not supposed to do at 2 O clk in the night. She didn’t pick obviously as that was the sleeping time but he was not able to sleep. He decided to meet her the next day. He lied down on sofa trying to sleep but was not able to. Her face was appearing everytime he closed his eyes. He picked up the cushion and put it over his ears “NO…Shit” He went to his work room and picked the Ipod and started listening to songs. That didn’t help much either but he managed to sleep after an hour.

“Hey Dude, What are you doing on the Sofa” were the first words he heart in the morning

“Oh Harshad”

“Why, were you expecting Nidhi?”

“Shut up” He threw the cushion on his face and went to the washroom

When he came back after refreshing himself , he found all his friends sitting on Sofa. He sat on the remaining one seater sofa for himself.

“So whats the plan today?” Pradeep asked

“I want to meet her yaar. Somehow”

“Mr. Busy is in love” Harshad blew whistle

“It is simple yaar.You know where she lives, we will go to the same area and wait till she comes out. We will behave as if we are there by chance and when she will see us she will definitely talk to him and then problem is solved “suggested Aakash

“Done” Ketan agreed and everyone got ready for the adventure

It was a long lane which ended near a small hill with full of fruit trees. Her hostel was just at the beginning of the lane. They parked their car in Hotel Flipper just opposite to the lane and went towards the Hostel. They waited for almost 30mins but she didn’t appear.

“What is this yaar. It’s been 30mins and still no chance. Why will she come down . May be she is not planning at all to go anywhere today”

“Yes, it’s a point I think she should have some reason to come down otherwise why will she com down”

“I have an idea” Harshad said

“Must be something crazy” ketan commented

“Listen first. She likes History right? What if someone goes to sell her some history books. Yes yaar just think, just near the next lane is a book shop. We will buy all the history book and sell her at discount. Whatsay?”

“Sounds cool but the person can go up then why will she come down”

“Because the watchman will not allow a man to go inside a girls hostel but we will ask him to inform Nidhi about the offer”

“But why will he tell her only , why not everyone.”

“Of course yaar. He will tell everyone but she will be the only one interested in the books”

“What if other girls also come?”

“So what are we here for?”

“or rather why is harshad here for?”

“please yaar Its such a brilliant idea”

“Yes no doubt your ideas are brilliant but still why don’t you get a girlfriend”

“Don’t put a salt on my scars yaar”

“Ok sorry yaar , your idea is really good. Do one thing you both go and bring all the books and we will search for the sales person”

Harshad asked aboy who worked in a shoe shop to do this for them and he agreed for 100 bucks

They trained the boy and told him to tell the watchman that the books are at 50% discount

The watchman told everyone in the hostel and all the girls came down. There were 15 girls and exactly 15 books. They had planned that they will come walking casually while girls are busy in buying books

“You have only history books?” One girl asked

“Yes Madam, it is a sale for history books only” answered the boy

“That’s strange. I think no one will be interested in that case”

She looked at other girls and everyone agreed.

‘Madam buy atleast one . It is on 50% discount and all new books” he insisted

“In that case I guess Nidhi may be interested”

“Right she is doing a history major”

“But where is Nidhi?”

“She was in the washroom, I told her she will come down anytime”

By that time the circle of 4 had come and they were roaming around the place in a casual manner

“Who is the one? Why don’t you go and talk to her? They will think we are stupids”

“She is not here”

“What?” One girl looked at them skeptically “What are these guys doing here?”

“I think we should also go and see the books”

‘Right” Aakash agreed and they all went to see the books

“What is the price of this one” Ketan took one book from the boy

He was trying to show that he was very much interested in that particular book of which he may not even understand a word but her his eyes were looking for Nidhi. They wasted almost 15mins they wasted there time and brought 34 books for each of them just to show the interest and the girls were reduced to 5.

“strange all the guys brought books” one girl commented

“no, I think bhaiya. We will just buy these two. Aakash return the rest” said Pradeep

“Why return. No I am buying this”

“Harshad then you return yours”

“Why should I return? I like this book, sounds good “FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT” may be something related to historical people having fun at night” At this all the girls laughed. It wa a book on Gandhiji

“Stop it harshad, are you nuts? Why will someone write such a book” Ketan coudnt stop laughing. He took the book from Harshad. He was still laughing when she came down. His book fell down on road

“Oh sorry” He bent down to pick the book and freezed there. He was tryin to avoid her eyes

“Ketan, what are doing. Get up Get up” Aakash whispered and smiled at the girls

He got up and to his embarrassment, the first person he saw was Nidhi

“Hey Ketan. How come you are here? And you are buying a history book. Yes I had seen you that day also in the antique showroom and before that in the library”

“That was a library? No I mean of course that was a library ha ha. Yes, actually I was pretty much interested in history “

“Ya always since his childhood” said Harshad

“Ya, a these are my friends..Harshad, Aakash and Pradeep”


“And this ..”

“Nidhi” said Harshad

“How do you know my name?” She asked


Episode 10

“A..a no I mean ..a ..a he just called you by your name”

“But he doesn’t know my name”

“No Why not of course I know your name”

“But you never asked me?”

“Never ya of course never because because I already k ne w y o u r name. a ..a .. you you you ..a a.have written it in the register”


“Ya, register at the library” He pinched Harshad


“What happened?” She asked

“Nothing just some one just me..I mean some mosquito just bit me” They all smiled

“Why are you guys smiling so much?”

“Because we have smiling faces” said Harshad

At this one girl bursted with laughter.

They all looked at each other looking confused

“Stop it Keerti. Why are you laughing”

“Ha ..Ha this guy is funny. You know what he said just now looking at that book?” she pointed towards the book Ketan was holding “sounds good “FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT” may be something related to historical people having fun at night”

At this she also started laughing loud. All the friends started hitting on Harshad’s backbone while smiling

“I am sorry for this but…I mean…it was really funny. This book is on Gandhiji” she said still laughing

Then she controlled herself and asked keerti also to stop laughing. All other girls went back to hostel by then. Only these two girls were remaining there.

“By the way what are you guys doing here?”

“A ..a we we we had come here for lunch” replied Ketan


“a brunch brunch” said Aakash

 “we usually combine our breakfast and lunch and then we had plans”added

“What plans?”

“Plan . a what was our plan Pradeep?”

“Plan, ya we were going to the Prince Whales Museum”

“Prince Whales Museum? But that is in Mumbai right?”

“ya right you are right. Absolutely in Mumbai. We were going to Mumbai..ya”

“Oh then .Ok we can meet some other time”

“No no no no..we just ..I mean I just cancelled the trip because I have some thing more important. I remembered a meeting is due tomorrow morning .So..a I think we  we should drop this plan here”

“Oh that is very bad very bad . we had a plan so good but you Mr. Busy always do this” said Harshad

Ketan put his one hand on his throat in an attempt to show him a sign that if he doesn’t shut the he will be killed

“Can we go for a walk together?” asked Ketan

“I am going upstair” said keerti

“No please stay . why don’t you also join us” asked Aakash

“Oh That’s very kind of you but I need to go please. Some other time”

“Oh you broke my heart”

“Oh really. So sad. I don’t like broken hearts”

“In that case you are coimg with us”

“Ok but you have to wait for 5 mins”

“We don’t mind. Right guys”

“Right” Everyone said together

As she moved towards the Hostel ketan asked Nidhi “Lets go”

“But she is coming”

“Its Ok its Ok they will manage. Lets go we 2 “

“Ya ya he is right . you both go and we’ll follow afterwards”


“But what come on lets go see how roma..I ..I mean how how f..f..fresh is the air here. Lets go “

“Are you sure”

“yes very sure very sure” said Harshad

“Ok lets go”

He gave an expression of relief and she looked at him “ Lets go” He smiled and she smiled back

They were walking and no one spoke . He was feeling very stupid. He wanted to meet her so deparately but now that she was alone with her , he was not able to utter a word.

“A can we sit there?”

“Yes, Ya sure sure why not” They sat near a small bench made at the side of the road.

They both were smiling but still he was not able to speak

“I am sorry”He started

“Sorry for what?”

“for that thing I said about about..I mean I said that I like…you must be angry”

“NO its not that I was not upset for that but because you said it in front of the doctor”

“Oh does that mean if I would have said it not in front of the doctor then you woudnt have mind it?”

“A ..a you like mangoes” she pointed towards the Mango tree in front of them

“mangoes, ya but don’t you think its too high”

“Yes it is and that is the fun. You know. Just imagine you eating that mango. It looks so juicy” She pointed at mango which looked a bit yellow

“Ya but that’s too far”

“Yes it is and I find it good. Good for me” she put down the purse she was carrying and got up “Are you coming with me?”

He didn’t reply but looked confused. She went to the tree and looked at its full length. She picked up some stones and started throwing at the trees. She tried 4 stones but none would reach the intended mango.

He smiled and got up to help. He loved the way she was throwing stones at the tree like a small child

“You call me childish. Just look at you. You are just.. ouch” Thelast stone hit the target the mango landed on his head

“Oops sorry. I am so sorry. Are you OK?”

He laughed and she joined him

Then he picked some stones and started throwing stones on the tree. She also joined him. While they were playing, his friends came there with Keerti

“What is this man doing. He could have had some romatic talk and he is playing like a child” commented Pradeep. His voice was low so that keerti could not hear

“He is funny and they call me funny” said Harshad

This one she heard as Harshad wa always loud

There was Pradeep then Harshad , then Aakash and last was her

“Funny, no it is good yaar. Its so much fun. I mean just look at them. It reminds us of our childhood days” said Keerti

“Ya right..childhood when you were so carefree and there was no one to stop you. You just played and played endlessly with no worries about the family or job or anything” said Aakash

“yes and Moms used to worry so much but we “ she laughed

“Right those were the best days”

“Ya, I still miss those days with friends when there was only one motto of my have fun”

“yes to have fun. Lets join them” he offered her

“sure I would love to” they both went to them starting throwing stones at the tree

“They all are funny” said harshad

“What do we do now?” asked Pradeep

“What can we do? Join them” they both laughed and joined them.

While they all were busy with the game and talking at the same time about their childhood, Ketan asked Nidhi “So you are like this since childhood?”

She looked at him and a mango went straight to her eyes “Ouch” She covered her eye with her hand

“Are you OK? Just look at me. Show me” Ketan got worried

He moved her hand and Ketan pulled her chin up with his hand and that was a pause. She looked at him and he was lost. She had been making him go crazy even when she was not with him and this time she was so close. She gently tried to remove his hand but he held her finger. She pulled her finger from his hand and looked down. Now Ketan was nervous and at the same time very happy. He tried to smile but was not able to. They both were looking down . The whole scene was closely monitored by Harshad and he asked Pradeep also to watch it. They both were smiling and that was fun. Pradeep and Keerti were still busy in their own world.May be that was a start of another love story.

“Can we go for a lunch?” asked Ketan hesitatingly

“Yes sure”

“I mean not in group but alone, just we two..and not lunch but dinner” Her came closer

“I..I will tell you” He was still looking at her

“I will tell you tomorrow”



“can I have your number”

“I have your number. I’ll call you.”

“please give me your  number . If you don’t call me then I will give you a call” He pleaded

“I will call you, I promise” she assured him

Though he had his number but it was important for him to ask her without which he will not be able to call her. After the fun activity they went for lunch to Flipper. He chose to sit beside her so that he could talk to her but to his dismay her friend asked him to let her inside first and like a gentleman he had to allow her. Now there was a haddi in the kabab.

“so what would you like to have” Keerti asked Ketan

“Anything you like” he felt like killing her

“hey Keerti, you wanted to see the trick which I did with mango? Asked Aakash


“then come here I will show”

“just now?”

“just now”

She got up “ sorry to disturb you, I will just come” she said to ketan and he happily gave her the way. While she moved out, he gave a flying kiss to Aakash which Nidhi saw. She gave him a confused look. He smiled and she smiled back. He jumped from his seat and came to the seat beside her.

“So what have you decided?” He asked

“decided about what?”

“About a dinner”

“I said I will give you a call”

“Yes you said” He was upset now

“Ok see I wont be able to come for dinner because then it will be very late you know. We are not allowed to stay out for long. Hostel rules”

“Don’t worry I will drop you home early”

“NO but in case it gets late then they will not allow me inside”

“Does that mean no”

“No I didn’t mean no but give me some time”

“you don’t trust me”

“Its nothing like that”

“It is like that” He was about to get up. But she held his hands and said “OK but for lunch”


“not tomorrow, I will call you” He tried to get up again

“Wait OK day after?”

He sat down and smiled looking at her.

“You get angry very fast” She moved her head

“No it is not like that I mean, I am not angry but” after that he had no words to say. He coudnt say that he wanted her to say yes so he was trying to show off that he was hurt.

“but what?”

“Nothing, I am sorry”

“sorry for what”

“forget it , I am crazy and anyways Crime detectives are very rude”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt you, please I am sorry. I didn’t say it literally. I didn’t mean . I just I just said because”

“Because what..hmm” she looked at him and this time even she didn’t have any explanation

He smiled and she was relieved that this time he was not angry. He wanted to hold her hand and say those magic words but that was not the right time. May be he was getting too fast and he should hold for some more time otherwise he may loose her trust.

When Keerti came back , she asked for her seat. Ketan looked at her as if he was going to beat her up

“Aa..Its Ok fine . I will sit here” She made a

The dinner went well as expected and they all enjoyed it.

He couldn’t speak to her much though he had planned a lot.

“So when are you guys meeting next?” Harshad asked while sitting in the car

“I couldn’t ask her.” Ketan  said in a sad tone

“What? Man how could you not. You got so long together and you didn’t ask her for a date”

“Please stop it now . I couldn’t “


“I don’t know . May be I was nervous. I couldn’t speak . I was afraid”

“afraid of what?…Afraid of what Kat?”

He didn’t reply this time because he didn’t know any reason.


Episode 11

It was a fresh morning of a new season when it sprinkled a little in the morning making the garden look greener. He looked at the Swing which was kept in the balcony of his dinning room facing the small pool which he used to enjoy a lot in his free time. But there have been days since he didn’t do that because he was too busy in his work. He removed his shirt, went straight to the pool and jumped inside. He swimmed for almost an hour before going to office.

“Hello” It was his Mom who always called him at this time in a hope of getting some time to talk as this was the time while he was driving to office and was not working.

“Hi Mom, how are you?”

And after some time he said those three magical words which were not expected out of him “I love you” but he had said this to Mom

He came to the drawing room and switched on the television. He was feeling very lazy and didn’t want to go to office but today he had fixed a meeting with a new client and to his surprise he suddenly remembered that he was already late

“Oh Shit Man I am late” he hurried to the wash room

“hello” he called his client Mrs. Samant to apologize for being late. They had decded to meet in his office at 10:00 am and he was still on his way at 9:55 am

“Sorry Mrs. Samant I got late. Had some personal work. I will be there in 15mins” His house was not very far from the office but because of the traffic at the most busy street which connected the two places it always took him more time to reach office.

Mrs. Samantha was an old lady living with her husband and two children. She had married her daughter who was the third a few months back but just after 2 months of her marriage someone kidnapped her. She loved her daughter and was worried about her. The case was registered by the In-Laws but she had come to meet him personally

“You have any doubt on anyone?”

“I have but no body listens. No body agrees with me. I cannot tell anyone . I cannot trust anyone…” she kept on for a quite time. She looked very tense and restless. Ketan gave her water to drink and said “Just relax Mrs. Samant and tell me exactly what happened”

She told him that she was skeptical about her Son-in- Laws connections and said that he may be the one after this kidnap

“But why will her kidnap his own wife?”

“I don’t know. That is something you need find out. I just gave you a hint. Please do something to help me”

“Sure mam, don’t worry I will see to it that you get your daughter back and the culprit as well very soon”

He asked her some more questions to ensure some doubts which he had. After talking to him she felt relaxed and was convinced that she had told the story to right person. This was a special quality in him that he could make his clients feel personally comfortable with him and told him everything. He had been very nice with them and always interacted with them keeping in mind their sufferings. He always gave a human touch to his approach and treated his clients like a friend who was ready to do anything to solve their problem.

Because of his attitude he always got good clients and deals. But he had faced some problems also because of the same approach. There was a girl whose husband was murdered. He was being very understanding due to which she started feeling for him and tried her best to get ketan. She had followed him to places and kept on pestering him. He took every possible step to avoid her but she never left him alone. Later when he got the issue resolved he found that it was her friends brother who had killed him for he had cheated on his sister and married this girl called Anagha. He got a knock on his door as soon as Mrs. Samant left and to his embarrassment it was Anagha

“Hi Ketan how are you” He didn’t want to smile but he had to . after all she had been her client and he was never bad with his clients.

“Hi, I am fine . What about you?How come you are here?”

“I had some work in the building opposite to your office so I thought may be I should meet you” she came close to him while he got up from the chair suddenly and said “ I have got some urgent work . I need to go now”

“Where are you going?”

“A …MG Road”

“Oh I was also going to the same place. Would you mind if I come with you. You know today my car has gone down so I am not carrying you know..”

He smiled in disgust that now he had to take her with him. She sat on his front seat , a seat where he wanted Nidhi to sit but to his bad luck there was this not so young lady sitting there is a red dress which was hardly touching her knees and when she sat, her dress uncovered some more portions of her legs. She had long slim legs, something  which could be called sexy but he was never interested. Her neckline was deep enough to see the cleavage to make her look more voluptuous but again Ketan was never interested. He preferred a young simple girl lke Nidhi over her who didn’t know how to seduce boys but her simplicity was great enough to take his attention.

“So how is life” She bent a little towards him, crossed her legs and held them with her hands. She turned towards him a bit so that he could see her cleavage very easily.

Ketan was now getting restless. This was something he never liked and that too from a lady who was atleast 3 years older to him. Though she was very rich but he was not so crazy after money. He had made enough with his career.

“Wait wait wait” She shouted suddenly

“What happened?” He applied brakes.

She got down from the car and came to the other side of the window where he was sitting. She opened the door and started pulling him out

“Come out come I want to show you something”

She took him to the pavement which was at the corner of the road. It was made of cement with come benches kept there to sit. The place looked beautiful with pretty flowers all over the place. She took him to a corner “see this. Isn’t it beautiful”

The place where they were standing was on a hilltop from where the mountains near the city were visible. The mountains looked green and there were some small waterfalls made out of the rain water. The place was good but the timing was wrong and the girl was also wrong he thought.

“I love this place” She put her arms around him and came closer.

“wait what do you think you are doing” He removed her hands

“What do you think? Don’t you know that I like you”

“What? You like me? Wait you were just my client and I…”

“Shh” She put her finger on his mouth and came close to whisper in his ear “Please don’t spoil this moment. This is very special for me” She pulled him closer and hugged him. He didn’t want that obviously but he didnt know what to do.

“Oh Shit!” It was Nidhi watching them having these intimate moments

Anagha looked at her and said “Hi, you know him? I am his girlfriend” She shaked her hands with her. Anagha looked angry but she smiled and said “nidhi”

“no she is not..” He tried to explain but Anagha didn’t allow him to speak “ You know we love this place and we always come here in rain. You see how beautiful the place is and I…”

“I am really sorry I disturbed you “ said nidhi and left

“No Nidhi wait” he ran to stop “ It is not what you are thinking. She is not my…”

“What are you trying to do Mr. Ketan. Whatever you are doing in your personal life , I am not bothered. “


“But what , you please enjoy your time with your girlfriend”


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