Mirror Mirror on the Wall!

I was sitting on my desk, as usual, my night went working in the darkroom for I do not want to disturb my sleeping kid. On the side of my table is glued a long mirror. it had a small table also for dressing comforts but the owner of the apartment took it with him.

Just another tiring day and yet I wasn’t allowed to sleep because I had a few late deliveries, the deliveries delayed by me only. Who could I blame?

It has been 20 days in a row that I have not slept on time at night.

I was busy looking at my laptop when I heard a sound, whooshing sound of the wind. My windows were closed. How could the wind possibly enter?

I pulled up from the chair and ran towards the drawing-room. Maybe I left the sliding window open.

But it wasn’t so I came back, still wondering where the sound came from.

As I entered the room from my bedroom door, I looked at the mirror on the side. I looked tired, my eyes had dark circles. I hated them

I looked at them carefully. For a few seconds, I felt pity for myself, and then, something changed. I felt like someone was looking at me from the mirror. Of course, it was me except it was not.

I saw the girl in the mirror smiled and her eyes gleamed, her face brightened but I was not smiling but frowning. Soon my frown turned into a shock and then into a horror. The girl moved swiftly and adjusted her hair throwing the bunch back. I had not even touched my hair. Was it my illusion? my imagination? It did not take me long to realize that something was strange but I kept staring at her in disbelief till she came closer and her smile widened. That send chills to my spine and I shuddered with shock.

“What the hell!” I screamed with horror and ran to my bed. I pulled up the blanket and huddled myself inside it.

“No, no no, this can’t happen. This is my illusion or maybe a dream. I am tired. My mind is tired. I need to sleep. I need to sleep.” I told myself and hugged the fluffy pillow. I curled myself around her and closed my eyes shut tightly. I was still shivering but I decided not to act but stay silent till I drifted to sleep.

That day, I decided to not sleep till late and one crazy night changed my life. I would then sleep at 9 pm after making my kid sleep and wake up at 6 am in the morning.

The next ten days were relaxed and I was convinced that it was all my mind playing games to push me to bed.

“I need it at 7 am in the morning. The client cannot wait” said my agent. It was a Saturday and I hated to work late anymore but I did not have a choice. This client was a difficult one who would not tolerate delays.

I was convinced that nothing odd would happen at night because my mind was better since the day, not tired, not exhausted. And every night, I would hang the towel over the mirror.

So, there I was, sitting on the same chair again, working at 3 am on my project. Except for this time, I dared not look at the mirror.

As my clock struck 3:15 am, the same wheezing of wind was heard and the towel slipped from the mirror. I suddenly looked at it. The girl was also staring but she looked normal and just like me. My hands shivered. I did not want to get up, adjust the towel because I was afraid if I went closer, the girl inside the mirror would disclose herself.

I decided to ignore the plea of the mirror and started working on my script again.

But I was unable to type. My hands were cold and shivering. I had to sleep. I had to otherwise, I would be in deep trouble. I clipped down my screen and the laptop was shut with a thud. I got up to run towards the bed but before I could bend my leg over the bed, I heard something. “Poooooojaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” It was a long whisper coming straight from inside the mirror. As I looked towards the source of the voice, I saw the girl smiling again, her eyes gleaming again, and I was frozen.

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