Jane Sha: Inspired by Little ones

When you ask an entrepreneur about the inspiration behind their entrepreneurial journey, most often the answer ranges from their passion to the story of another famous entrepreneur to frustration with the market.  But, having one’s kids as the inspiration behind the business is very unique. Looking at her background of CA and published features in Financial daily, I thought she would be a person filled with financial jargon but on meeting her, I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity with which spoke. It was enough to make even a non-finance person, like myself, comfortable with her.

She told stories about times when she found herself hitting a dead-end on complex financial issues and then a simple, sweet, innocent question from her little one would have the answer hidden for her that would un-complicate the things. She had a habit of talking to her kids about the business problems she dealt with. This was only an exercise that helped her think-aloud but she would often be surprised when the resulting interaction with kids would disclose a new angle to the problem, simplifying issues for her. She realized how simple life could be with the thinking of a kid. Kids can make even the most complex things appear simple because their thinking is simple, logical,  unbiased, and straightforward.

ORINS Learning Centre: Educating kids on money

She knew from her own experience of childhood, having lived with parents who discussed monies with her, that the children who are given the knowledge of finance from early life tend to become more balanced and stable in managing finance when they grow up. Unfortunately, there are very few kids in India who are exposed to such financial education by their parents or teachers. Although the concepts of money and accounting are taught in some manner in schools they never seem enough and therefore she felt the need for exposure to finance externally. This realization was the beginning of a new journey for her and the ORINS Learning Centre was inaugurated in January 2007. ORINS learning center teaches kids the concepts of finance from an early age through the use of fun activities like games, group plays, videos, colorful presentations, and worksheets.

Her learning center was initially created to teach finance to kids but when she saw these kids accompanied by their parents, she found another gap – even these parents lacked enough financial knowledge and were eager to learn. Jane started to take training sessions for adults and soon moved to corporate. Today she teaches finance to corporate employees and individuals through workshops and seminars that are conducted in different cities of India. She not just lectures them as a teacher but also adds simple activities to make concepts clearer.  These activities included the ones inspired by the kids teaching sessions of finance which made learning finance fun even for adults.

Her corporate programs got special attention when they helped attendees take financial decisions immediately after the session. Apart from just the learning, these sessions gave them a push that was lacking in traditional forms of teaching finance. She teaches methods keeping simplicity in mind, making them effective, efficient, and fast.

Beyond finance, she also has a creative side. She runs a program on holistic thinking in her learning center which is aimed at developing brainpower and teaches kids to make use of the whole brain through the use of 12 musical exercises. In this program, she teaches her students to use their analytical and creative brains together to improve memory, learn names, grab concepts of finance and learn languages. She has devised simple techniques that can make a child a smart thinker and the results of these programs become visible within few months, making parents realize the great potential that their kids have in their over-all development.

The other side of her personality

She also loves to explore technologies that can assist her in her field of work. She has a YouTube channel which she uses to teach people finance. In her channel, she has covered various topics of finance, interviews of people like Raju Mandhyan (author of the book ‘The heart of story’) , Success Mantra for Exams series by ORINS students, and Life Sutra seminar highlights. The Success Mantra series is the outcome of her holistic thinking program in which she has taught her kids to use creative intelligence to learn subjects.

She was always a topper in her school and her favorite subjects were always related to finance. She knew this interest in finance from the beginning which is why she chose this field to venture ahead in her career and her business. But this didn’t make her journey smooth as she already had a family with kids to take care of when she thought of working on her business venture. Her family wanted her to be with her kids whenever they needed and only after that, she was free to talk of her dreams. Jane did not see it as a difficulty but an opportunity is hidden behind a challenge. While going out to work became difficult for her, she chose to become a freelancer and worked from home. She would spend quality time with her family and the remaining time was utilized in her business. She says, “A person should see every challenge from the perspective of an opportunity. With the change of perspective, opportunities can be found anywhere”.

Her passion and dedication were responded with an acceptance from her family who then began to encourage her entrepreneurial spirit and soon she was able to take a bigger step towards her goal. The idea that was limited within the walls of her laptop soon took shape of a real brick and mortar business and ORINS was born, only to grow big. She stands as an inspiration for every woman who is bound by her homely duties and still wants to achieve her dreams without compromising her family life.



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