Stories of Indian Women Entrepreneurs

7 years back, I connected with close to 500 women with an aim to cover their stories, a drive that I started passionately but over time, things took a different shape in my life and my focus was shifted to my business of writing. At that time, I had interviewed 24 women to get their stories out and had published a magazine named, “WOMAN POWER” on Magzter. I tried to work the idea of eMagazine at the time when India was not ready for digital books but today, the story has changed.

While I have plans to launch new books and some of them would be eBooks, I do not want to keep these stories from you. Many of them have risen much higher in the past seven years and are today leading and inspiring many. So, let me share these stories with the world again. And before you read these stories, I would also like to share with you that these would not have been possible without the contribution of the women entrepreneurs and my friends, Nidhi Gupta, Rahul Singh, and Deb Rishi.

Women Empowerment

The world talks about women’s empowerment. India talks about women’s empowerment. Take a closer look at society and you will realize that it is not the world empowering women but women who are empowering the world. Be it a father, husband, son, or even a friend, a woman is standing as a support to them not letting them fall or lose, not leaving them alone, inspiring them, motivating them, and making them realize their potential to achieve their dreams but when it comes to women with dreams, hardly will you nd a shoulder for support.
In a country like India, where women are called ‘Devis’, they are actually treated as a cook or an object to please men or as a servant who takes care of everyone. You will not nd many men supporting women’s dreams or ambitions. This is why most women have to struggle to even get their first step right while walking the path to their dream destination. They have to face resistance and many more challenges than men do. Another sad thing is that it is easier for men to get recognition but women are usually ignored unless they make millions and billions to get themselves heard.

This magazine “Woman Power” is a salute to the empowered women who had the courage to rise beyond these challenges and set up their own enterprises. This magazine aims to give them recognition, encourage women who are still doubtful about their internal power, and connect women to build a Power House that nobody can destroy so that they create a world that supports and empowers them in the real sense.
In our first issue, we had covered stories of astonishing women who despite the challenges and extreme resistance, ventured ahead to set up their businesses. These women are self-motivated and inspire others. You can learn from them that your own will power and perseverance is all that you need to achieve your goal. We hope these stories will be enjoyable to read and will inspire you in your purpose. We look forward to having your views and your questions in support of the envisioned world of “Empowered Women”.

Before I met these women, I knew many professions that were male-dominated and it was my belief that there were only a few women entering such professions but when I got a chance to see the actual world of businesswomen more closely, I came across many who had come up breaking boundaries. Whether it was photography, direction, or event management, they had not left any profession untouched. I was overwhelmed by their aura, the strength with which they manage both their personal and professional lives, and the determination that took them ahead in the world of entrepreneurs. They can be found in all walks of life and professions. These were the EMPOWERED WOMEN!

To start,  I will be presenting 10 such stories of women pursuing different professions. So that you know how diverse is this world of women entrepreneurs. Some are into development, some are creative and others are working to improve the lifestyles of India. Their stories are selected based on three themes – Development, creativity & Lifestyle.

The personal and Professional Development section includes the story of Niyati Rokani, an HR professional who connects with her clients from the heart to set them into their professions. Jane Sha, a Chartered Accountant who chose to become a Financial Education Guru and makes the study of nance simple for both kids and adults.

Next, you will explore the Creative side of women and meet the master of advertising Kiran Dhameja, the first female automobile and industrial photographer in India, Shraddha Kadakia, and Mrinalika Joseph, a multi-faceted girl who is a writer, director, and videographer making documentaries that speak the truth. Nethra Anjanappa will amuse you by taking you into the world of publishing and disclosing the secrets of the industry to you.

Last, we come to shaping lifestyles, where you will meet Samruddhi Naroji who designs fun activities for kids and also takes them into the world of creativity. Sushila Shardul will take you to the world of real estate as she is helping people to get the right homes for themselves. Tipti Aggarwal, the food blogger, and TV host, will surprise you with her unexpected entry into the food world. Sheeba Sandhu comes to serve fantasies of women wanting to look great with her unique approach to designing and making women happy. And towards the end, comes the big bang of our lives – Marriage with the make-up queen of Mumbai, Nisha Desai, who would share the secrets behind her success in the field.

Niyati Rokani | Getting the right connect

Jane Sha | Fun with Finance

Shraddha Kadakia | Breaking boundaries of Glamour

Mrinalika Joseph | Life in a frame

Nethra Anjanappa | Publishing secrets revealed!

Samruddhi Naroji | Fun on the run

Tipti Aggarwal | Kaamchor ki Rasoi se

Sheeba | Dressing up your dreams!

Nisha Desai | For the best day of your Life

Kiran Dhameja | Life of an Advertiser


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