A Day in Life of a Creative Writer

A writer writes! There is no mystery in that. But what a creative writer does to maintain creative energies, create newness, make people love her art, create a lifestyle, learn new trends, and keep a buzz around her work, is still not known to many.

Many times, I hit heads that scratch me with the silliest question, “So, you write blog articles” when I tell them that I am a content writer. I want to answer that silly question today because I want the world to know that creative content writers have more going on in their lives.

I could not talk to every writer. I would want them to share their own stories and they will shortly on my Academy Portal but today, I want to share my story, not even a story but just a typical day of my life.

Let me leave the morning ablutions. They are not really interesting.

My day begins with me opening my laptop while holding a cup of hot tea in my hand. The plain white colored cup with red borders has my name and logo printed on it and keeps reminding me of my love for writing. I keep the cup on the right side of my table and push it back to make space for my spiral notebook which has a pitch-black cover with my huge white logo printed on it.

I open it and skip to the first empty page. I take the shiny black pen on which is my name is written in cursive, “Writer Pooja Dubey” and write the date. Below the date, I make two curved lines. I make a list of the submissions to do on the day, the next day, within the week, and in the month. For the differences in duration, I pick the colored sketch pens and draw tiny colorful flowers to make it easy for me to figure out the priorities. The ones with same-day deadlines are often marked in red. I do this to make my task list not look boring.

After I am done with my TODO list, against every item, I mark the project cost. In the end, I total it and write it on the bottom of the page in a box labeled as “Worth of Words”. I do this because writing is not the only thing that motivates me. I am a human just like any other so yes, money matters and motivates.

For one undisturbed hour, I will keep writing for my client and then, I will take a short and sweet break of 15 minutes in which I will choose to do anything from these options

  1. Watch Netflix
  2. Play with my kid
  3. Play Music to dance
  4. Stand on my balcony to enjoy the breeze
  5. Eat an ice-cream
  6. Talk to myself

When the break is over, I get back to my laptop but I do not touch my client’s work, instead, I open Canva and start making creative for my 3 Instagram pages – Writer Pooja Dubey, Global Writers Academy, and Personal Branding Coach. Within 45 minutes, my creates are ready, zipped, and WhatsApped to my personal group. I do this because I don’t just have to write, I have to earn through writing, and to be able to do that, I should market myself.

There are three paths available to a writer for getting clients – Sales, Marketing, and Branding. I choose branding which is why, I make creative and posts for not just Instagram but also Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. On a typical day, after every 2 hours, I would be writing something for creating buzz around my own brands as well as my client’s brands. And the number of pages I create posts for every day are – 7 on Instagram, 10 on Facebook, 3 on LinkedIn (occasionally Pulse Blogging), 2 blogs for my websites, 1 on Twitter, and 8 groups on WhatsApp. While some of these posts could be repeated but many are not. I do not repeat posts on Instagram pages and LinkedIn is always created fresh. And besides it, on my Mobile App, I keep putting courses, videos, content, announcements, and chats for my students. On my Online Forum, I keep adding discussions, perhaps not every day but a few days a week.

If I have to create and push content for more than 30 pages on any day or even in a week, ensuring that everything I post is unique and created by me, I will need a pretty heavy boost of creative energies every day. This is why I do not only stick to writing, designing, and posting but I squeeze my energy from a number of different sources every day.

  • Movies and series on Netflix, Prime, Hotstar, and Voot…I do not miss watching any
  • Music that follows my mood on Gaana, Saavan, YouTube, and Amazon Music
  • I learn about writing, content, marketing, drawing, design, technology, and much more from LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Coursera. And of course, now webinars are also added. Every webinar that teaches me a skill I can use in my creative life is what I will attend. This includes writing, marketing, sales, doodling, training, and more.
  • I am not a one-sided fan of webinars but I also conduct webinars every week, at least 2 a week where I get my energies from sharing my stories and lessons that can help new writers
  • I chat, talk, and e-meet a lot of people. I am a social person and not a single day goes by when I am not chatting with at least 20 people on LinkedIn, 5-10 on WhatsApp, 2-3 on Calls, and additional on platforms like HNP and CoffeeMug. I am a big-time networker. People I talk to are not just writers but everyone who had something useful to say.

And by the way, I forgot to mention who created all these pages and profiles. Well, except for my Personal Branding Website, which was developed by EnlitenIT (Content Written by Me), all other pages have been created, populated, managed, and promoted by me.

This was mostly about what else do I do as a writer but the most important part of my life is writing. So, what do I write on a typical day when I am working for my clients? For an hour, I would be working on a blog article for my client and the next in my slot would be a case for an IT company. After doing my case study, I will switch to writing a book chapter and it would be followed by social media posts for LinkedIn. In afternoons, I would be writing business emails and by evening, I would be creating content for a website. Later evening, I am doing either social media creative, designing strategy, coming up with ideas, or doing UX writing for a project. And of course, because I love books, I also write book summaries, columns, or reviews for publishers, spread out during the day.

So far, so good. I have told you about what I write, what I design, how I market, where I learn from and how I manage my energies and when I train. But an important is still remaining. When do I write for myself besides business?

In the past 1 year, I have been working on 7 books that I am writing for myself and have also published many short stories online. This is a part where I do not need a schedule but only the right mood. Depending on my mood, I can pick up anything to start writing for myself after every 30 minutes when I often take a short mid-project break.


Are you a creative writer too? How does your day go by?

You can also share your story with the world if you are an author or a writer. Send in your stories to globalwritersacademy@gmail.com if you want us to do the same for you on our Academy Portal.


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