A Practice For Your Brain

Why do you need this book?

This book is for new writers who wish to master the art of writing. First thing they need to understand is that writing is not just about putting thoughts and ideas on a paper or on a screen. More than writing, writing is about the germination of those thoughts and ideas that really need you to churn your brain hard. And, this book is going to take to that track – make you a thinker, a thinker who imagines the world, captures new ideas and then creates a piece of writing that speaks differently.
I am not going to teach you writing principles in this book but I will definitely cover steps you can take to generate ideas and to capture them in an effective manner.

How you can make the best use of this book?

This book is going to cover the first stage of writing and that is ideation. So, keep a pen and a paper with you or you can just take a print out of this book as it gives you places to write. The book contains a series of exercises that will get you into the habit of writing. Read the descriptions given before every exercise carefully and then attempt the task given. The instructions would give some lessons on the subject covered, guidelines on the assignment and hints to make your work easier.
I have put limitations on the number of words you can use for each task. This is because as a writer, you need to always be concise – say more with fewer words. So, do not spill over. Try to keep your work within the word limit. Also, try writing with a pen instead of using your laptop. It will give a boost to your creativity.

What benefits will you get from this book?

First, it is a free book so you have nothing to lose. This book is going to give something that can make you perfect – PRACTICE! I am sure you must have heard the common phrase, “Practice makes a man perfect”.

What more can you do with this book? You can –

• Learn how ideation works
• Learn to generate story ideas
• Learn to use the power of your observation to create stories
• Create an idea or thought book for yourself that will serve as your companion for life
• Inculcate the habit of writing daily
• Learn to generate unique ideas from your observations of ordinary things

Before we start, you need to first prepare yourself for it. Prepare your body and mind. Writing is a mind work so you definitely need to first warm up your mind and create an environment that is creative so that you can think better. So, before we learn anything, let us first create the environment for your mind.
Sit in a place where you can be quiet. A garden with a natural shade would be the best but you can also use a calm room in your house.


To download the complete book in PDF formate, Click Here.


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