Hi! I am Pooja

I am a passionate writer, an explorer, and an innovator.
As a writer, I give you things to engage your audience in a practical and resourceful manner.
I am a passionate researcher who analyses the world with a keen eye to get the answers to complicated business questions. And I ensure that these answers reach you in the most simplistic form. My journey began as a young storyteller but as I grew up to travel through the world of business and management, I became a passionate explorer and discoverer who ventured into the world of business content.

My Mantra is – Explore! Ideate! Create!

As a Writer

As a writer, what I give you is something that talks to your target audience directly, giving them all the relevant information they need in an engaging manner.
I am a writer from my heart. Writing is my oxygen. I breathe with it and I live with it.

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As a Writing Experts Trainer

I want to create a world that is simple to understand so I created – The Writers Stage. From the stage of aspiration to the stage of excellence.
I provide flexible and adaptable training modules. My delivery approaches are customized to the needs and challenges of learners.

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As a Researcher

A writer is more than a person with a good command over language. A writer is an explorer, an observer – a researcher.
I am a passionate researcher who explores the world with a keen eye to get the answers to most complicated business questions.

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Journey As A Writer

I began my journey as a writer when I was only a kid who was fond of telling stories but as I grew up to discover my passion for learning, research and discovery, I ventured into the world of content development.

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