Case Studies

Website Revamp for a Market Research Firm

Mr. Rakesh was sitting in his cabin, looking somewhat tense, and having deep thoughts. He had come to office a little early today. Normally, he would reach office by 10 AM but today, he was at his desk at sharp 9 AM. He scrolled through the presentation. Of course, it looked good with harmonious colour usage and brand identity well captured. It also had promising figures and he was sure that it would be able to impress Mr. Jacob., the Founder of an IT company whom he had met only a month ago at a business seminar in Bengaluru. Just yesterday, Mr. Rakesh had received a call from him confirming his intensions to meet. He was expected in office in the first week of the next month which was only 8 days away.

HR Website Content Innovation

Vinit sat on his desk looking at the 20 pages document spread before him wondering if he was fully convinced with the plan. Though it was the result of a thorough brainstorming between him and his 3 partners, yet he was sure that he still thought that there was something missing. But what was it? He was not very clear.