HR Website Content Innovation

Vinit sat on his desk looking at the 20 pages document spread before him wondering if he was fully convinced with the plan. Though it was the result of a thorough brainstorming between him and his 3 partners, yet he was sure that he still thought that there was something missing. But what was it? He was not very clear.
Vinit had been running the HR consulting firm for over 8 years and had consistent revenues coming in but the last time a sales review was conducted, the partners felt the need to do some innovation and revamp the brand to address current needs of corporate and job seekers. Offline the company had a strong network of relationships but online their presence needed to be worked upon.
A decision was taken to add two key features on the website – A resume building application and A job manager. The new development would allow job seekers create their resumes online as well as send applications while the HR firm would filter the resumes as per client requirements and send selected to the hiring companies. The development was planned in three phases – rework on old content, resume builder, and job manager.

The website content was 8 years old except for a few new service descriptions and the blogs added later. Vinit wondered if he could still keep the old content and still make the website look new. He had a number of questions that was finding overwhelming to find the answers of –

  1. How can I retain most content I have already invested in?
  2. What should I add on the website to highlight the innovation in best ways?
  3. Can I use the potential of the team to get the best content in place?
  4. How do I get good writers who can deliver as per our expectations?
  5. How do I negotiate contracts with writers?
  6. How do I create the huge content that has been planned on time?

He had a thought – Can I ask my blog writer if she can address some of these concerns?
It was then that he approached me with an idea of doing more than just blog writing for him and when I told him about the variety of services I already offer, he was convinced that I could be of great help.

Deliverables were clearly charted out and emailed to the client before I actually started working on the requirement and they were:

  1. Creation of team profiles for the website
  2. Re-writing blogs from old content for a complete revival
  3. Planning of website content structure and delivery of key website pages
  4. Building of resume statements for every industry and profile to create portfolio
  5. Provide guidance on structure, language, tone, and options for additional resumes that other writers would build
  6. Building initial frame of reference along with list of resume key words identified

The Solution:
The solution was delivered in phases that began with analysis of the existing website content and of competition. The outcome of this analysis was a report on content and competition with recommendations on what content can be improved and what content can be added. Based on this report, a discussion was followed with the client in which a content plan was ideated. Post the discussion, a content plan was developed and emailed to the client who suggested a few variations and the plan got finalized.
After the approval of the plan, the development of the resume builder started by a team of web application developers and simultaneously, I started re-writing website content. The developed software was tested by me as a content planner to identify the needs for resume statements, their types and categories post which the next phase of project started. The initial resume statements were developed for selected profiles and industries along with a guidebook for the writers to follow ahead.

The scope of the project and the requirements of the content needed by the company were refined and a complete plan was finalized for the company. The company was also provided with the guidance on the contract terms that they should have while negotiating with writers. The initial set of statements for resume builder had over 100 statements tailored to the needs of different profiles and industry segments.