Life Gives Us the Keys to Success – Only If we Could See!

Life gives us lessons every day in a very practical way. If we were wise enough to take these lessons seriously and use them to better our lives, we all would be sitting on an achievement mountain and never cried for a failure.

Instead, we pose questions – Is life unfair to us? Is God not with us? Can we really blame anyone but us for ignoring the life lessons?

In every lesson that life gives us, is a key to unlock the doors encountered in your journey. Sometimes we figure out, most times we don’t. And even when we understand, we tend to forget. What’s tricky is that life never stops teaching you so if you did not really take the lesson seriously, it thrashes you again by taking a different approach to teaching the same lesson again. When we forget the lessons, life keeps giving us the same lesson again and again. And we start to dread it. This way of teaching from our life is what we call failure. But it is not really a failure; just another lesson in your current stage of learning.

Let us take some very simple examples from life.

An Education Lesson: Practice makes a man perfect – says life and it says – Key to learning is a revision

I learned music. I played it for a few months and then, I stopped it. After a long time, I saw my kid interested in Music. I had a piano and a guitar at home, even the notebook where I noted my lessons. It took me just a minute to realize that all I remembered was how to hold a guitar. I could not even place my fingers effectively on the guitar anymore. How could I ever teach my kid?

My mistake was that I didn’t practice, and I didn’t revise my lessons

Life presents lessons like we get in a classroom and also gives us test but the way  life takes our exam is quite different. There is only one question which we need to answer but that comes in the form of a matrix. A crazy matrix like a rubric cube that bewilders us and leaves us clueless. Now, if I wanted to teach a piano to my kid, when I didn’t remember it myself, I took him to different classes.

Teacher 1 said, “he is too young” and did not even consider teaching him.

Teacher 2 gave him a demo, “He doesn’t listen to me” and refused to teach

Teacher 3 took him in the class but even after 2 months of lectures, my kid could not learn. In fact, on the contrary, the interest that I was able to develop in him for the music was totally lost because now he saw music lesson as a boring thing. That was a big fat lesson for me that came again as I could not solve the matrix of problems presented before me. If only, I had kept pace with my music journey, my son would not have to face all this. That simple lesson that I refused to take costed not just me but my kid his interest in music.


The Big question you may have is – Where is the key to my success?

Life puts a matrix before us which we need to decode to find the answer to this ultimate question. Through the matrix the tests we went through in life, we can identify patterns to decode.

The Matrix:

How does this matrix look? How does this work? How can I even see that there are patterns? Tricky right? Let me simplify this for you.

Have you ever worked with databases? When you need to cull out a data in a tabular format from a database, you give a command and this command contains a primary key and a secondary key. Let us say, our life is coded like a database query and we have a primary and a secondary key. When we use these keys in a perfect combination in a database, we get a useful table. When we use these keys in the perfect combination in our life, we get an achievement. Our secondary key is formed out of the combination of different primary keys. So, let us first identify the primary keys in our life.

What are primary keys? Primary keys are those actions that if we take in our lives, we can directly get the results and see them. Now, these results may not be the ultimate things we want in life but they are visible. For example, if I exercise and follow a nutritional diet, I can see a direct result in the form of fitness and health.

What is a secondary key? When I exercise and have a proper diet, I do not feel stomach aches, I feel fresh most times which indirectly affects my peace of mind. Now this peace of mind is what I need to achieve the ultimate health. So, this peace of mind is the secondary but does this come only with proper diet and exercise? Or will it need more primary keys to work in combination? Now, think of adding meditation to exercise and diet. The combination of the three will form the secondary key to peace of mind.

When you use secondary keys, you not just see the results of the application of the primary key but also much larger achievements like happiness. Now, if we see meditation only giving us peace of mind, we may see it as a primary key giving peace of mind as a result. But, see the combined effect of primary keys, the achievements are much higher.

*Primary Key is the direct key to achieve a certain thing

**Secondary key is a combination of keys and is derived from one achievement or more


After we decode this matrix, only then we are able to find the key to success because success uses secondary keys and to find them, we need to first get the primary key.

Where do life lessons come into the picture? They show you the primary keys with direct visible results. Taking forward our earlier example of revision and practice. Those were primary keys that had a direct result of me getting to a level where I could play music comfortably. And then the matrix of my kid wanting to learn music came to me like a matrix of secondary keys.

What was the secondary key? A combination of practice, revision, training (which I could have gained as a skill when I had good experience of music), and music environment (which I could have created if I was a regular player), could have created a secondary key that could unlock the door of music for my kid, something I want so badly now.

We never understand this game of life because appears to be very complex. But we are part of it and we cannot play it well without knowing the rules. Even successful people may not know the way life takes an exam, but they unconsciously decode the matrix and thus, find solutions.

But what are the rules?

1.      There can be multiple primary keys that can lead to one achievement

2.      Achievement with a secondary key cannot be decoded until the primary keys to that are found

3.      Just knowing the keys is not enough; to play, we need to use them.

4.      In order to achieve something, one needs to use all the keys needed to open the door to achievement, to decode the matrix.

Rules are simple but the key is to be aware of them and follow them.

Does this all still sound like a crazy game you are scared of playing? Let me give you simple steps –

Step 1:  List down all the achievements you had, want to have or dream of having in your life. Find out the primary keys you already know you have used or can use. Which keys do you use? Which are those you have not been using? Have you achieved it? Tick if yes, cross if no

What we want to achieve Keys Keys you use Keys you do not use Achievement
Health Diet   Diet X
  Exercise Exercise  
  Peace of Mind   Peace of mind
Memory Revision   Revision
Perfection Practice Practice  
 Writing  Lessons, Lessons, practice, reading    √




The matrix can differ from people to people. Interesting thing is that each of us has a different matrix to decode. So, we and only we, can find the solution, and no one else can really help us much.

Note: If there is a cross in the “achievement “ column then there must be an item against it in “the Key I don’t use” or maybe you have not yet discovered the key itself. If there is a tick in the achievement column you can be sure that you have the same number of items in “Key I use” as that in “Keys”

Step 2: Try to use the keys you already know but are not using and then update the matrix.

Step 3: Try to find out the keys you do not know. You will get the clues from the lessons which life gives you. Discover new keys and update the matrix

Step 5: Create a plan to work on all the keys newly discovered along with those already know and you will find yourself heading towards success

Note: There is no standard recipe for success. Different keys may work for different people and now, it is your duty to find the one that works for you.

Want to make it simpler?

1.  Watch out for clues life gives you

2.  Take the clues from other successful people to find keys and then try those keys to find out whether they work for you or not

3. Record every lesson that life gives you and you will have all the hints laid down on paper for you.

Life begins with a lesson and ends with a lesson. It is a continuous learning ground. Keys to success are well within your reach. You just need to figure them out.


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