My Journey

Early Childhood

I shared my mysterious experiences of the world that only existed in my mind, with my friends. When I was a kid, I had a smooth, marble finish, and smoky white magical stone with a black stripe on which, I could watch movies of my choice and even my dreams for real, at night. My friends would say “Really! What did you watch yesterday?” And a new story will take birth!


My Little Diary

Some pieces of my imagination started to pour on my little diary which was too small to hold my mystic world. It started to spill out. I would write on whatever I could catch hold of – diary, copy, register, notepad and even a loose paper.


As a kid, I never knew that writing needs to be shared with the world and not kept on random papers, but as I grew up, and got introduced to the technology of blogging – a brilliant new tool was added to my stationary – a tool that allowed me to not just write, but write without limitations, and I could also share my ideas with the world.


Turning Point

Till 2007, my writings were pouring here and there at random but one day, when I stopped writing stories on my blog (for I got busy with other things), I started getting emails from strangers appreciating my writing and asking me to continue. I am an opportunist. The moment I see an opportunity, I just grab it. The new dream of becoming a professional writer struck my mind and after loads of learning and practice, I became a good one.