Online Learning

To enhance your writing skills or advance yourself as a professional, take my courses sitting anywhere and anytime through flexible
online modules.

The training programs includes

  1. Weekly online (one-to-one) training sessions with me
  2. Study material provided weekly after every session
  3. Practical assignments against every session
  4. A monthly practical examination on topics covered
  5. Live writing projects at the end of module
  6. Guidance to launch yourself as a freelance writer

Your Learning Stage

Individual topic

  • A Lecture
  • Reading material
  • An Assignment
  • An Assessment

End of a module

  • Reflective Writing
  • Progress Report

End of course

  • Final Progress Report
  • Live Assignment

After completion

  • Completion Certificate
  • Post-learning guidance ( 6 months)
  • Earning Opportunity (freelance)

Basic Writing Course: Learn the fundamentals of writing including process, types writing, principles, understanding audience, writing in different genres, and more. This course will prepare you to start writing for work, for leisure, or as a professional beginning a career in content writing.

Bloggers Learning Program: Learn the fundamentals of blog writing including creating an online blog on, doing research, writing blogs, creativity in writing, and online marketing. You would be provided a training on blog writing as well as handholding throughout the creation of your blog and guidance will be available till you have posted at least one blog article on your portal.

Self-Learning Worksheets: If you have already taken a path into the writing world and need practice, you can enjoy our practice worksheets designed for professional writing. Each set in the self-learning series contains 10 worksheets that you can order online. You can order multiple sets both in PDF and Physical worksheet formats.

Mentorship Program: If you are confident of your skills And do not want to take a full plunge into a writing course Here is what you can do to speed up your journey. Participate in Writer Pooja Dubey’s Mentorship Program. Get a critical and a very detailed feedback on every article you write which will help you identify your strengths as well as areas for improvement.