Episode 1:  This is the story about a girl Ishita who had recently shifted to a new house that was empty for four years before she got it. She found an old diary of Meera, the occupant who lived in the house before Ishita with her husband, in-laws, and two kids. After reading the diary, Ishita cannot stop thinking about Meera. Her story of miserable life was half complete. Will Ishita be able to find out what happened to Meera? How would she find out? Will Meera’s life have an effect on Ishita? Or will it completely change Ishita’s life?

Episode 2: A bunch of classmates and friends in a college are discussing over a project and there is a disagreement between two girls Kiara and Priyanka, girlfriend and best friend of Atharva. Their friend Akash seems not bothered about the project.  While Kiara seems to be winning at last, will their unrealistic looking project actually get them a pat on the back from their professor as suggested by Kiara or will they end up with a project that would neither work nor fetch them marks?

Episode 3: Atharva finally agrees to Priyanka that the project suggested by Kiara is rather impractical and may not work. He does not express it openly but Kiara gets the hint and is now angry. What will she now do? Will she still be adamant and go with her idea or will she understand the apprehensions of her friends? Will she be angry with her boyfriend and break up with him or will forgive him for the screw-up?

Episode 4: Ishita, while shopping, meets her old college friend Kiara who seems to be staying nearby. The two decide to go together to Ishitas’ house and while they walk, Kiara discovers Ishita’s obsession with Meera and gets curious.

Episode 5: Ishita and Kiara visit an old aunt who knows Meera very well. She even knew about the diary which she claims to have suggested Meera record her life story. Will Ishita discover the secret of what happened to Meera?

Episode 6: Kiara has forgotten about Priyanka who was going to land and when she gets a call, she seeks help from Ishita to allow her instantly promising her to throw a party on her behalf. How will Priyanka’s visit be? How will it affect the two girls? Will they have a blast?

Episode 7: Priyanka is sleeping peacefully but only until she hears some voices and gets up suddenly at 3:10 AM. She needs water but finds not enough in the kitchen. She goes looking for her friend Ishita who is not in the room, kitchen, or living room. Where is she? Will Priyanka find a surprise?

Episode 8: Ishita is excited about the party overnight but when she announces that to Priyanka who was busy sleeping, she panics at the idea of having an overnight party at home. She is still haunted by the thoughts of the previous week when saw something strange in her friend despite the past days going just fine. She wants the party to move. Will Ishita be convinced? Will the party still happen at the place?

Episode 9: The party is on at Ishita and Atharva was invited which is a surprise for Kiara who feels awkward to suddenly see her old boyfriend. Priyanka does not seem to be very happy with the party but still gets along and is happy to see her best buddy Atharva after a long time.

Episode 10: Priyanka and Atharva had missed each other and were happy to come together again but they knew that Kiara was not very comfortable with the idea of Atharva coming to the party. And during the party, the old friends did something which upset Kiara more. Will Kiara be ok?