• Gives life to Words

    I took her editing services for my book and I must say that she knows how to give life to words, how to give life to characters. You can always see the difference which she creates after a writing piece goes through her vigilant eyes

    Aadil Rashid Area Sales Manager, Avkul Marketing Pvt. Ltd
  • Knows the Pulse of Market

    Pooja understands the pulse of the market well and writes accordingly. She has a good grasp over many management subjects and explains them well with examples. An easy to understand language and use of simple words - are her pluses. Also, she can be really fast in writing when there is a delivery pressure and can still show her best.

    Nidhi Gupta Associate Creative Director, NDTV RedDot
  • Unique style

    Pooja has a unique style of writing. The words come straight from her heart. Not to forget her research skills. She can be really exhaustive when exploring a subject before she picks her pen for writing.

    Jane Sha Founder and Financial Strategist, ZONECFO
  • Simplifies complicated ideas

    Research is the biggest strength she has. Whether the topic is well known or new to her, she can always give justice to it with her passionate study. Also, she organizes every piece of writing into well-thought themes that are also well connected. She goes deeper into the subject and her work shows it. Despite the in-depth research on every topic, what amazes me is the simplicity with which she presents even the most complicated ideas. You don't need to be a language expert to understand her. Anyone can understand her articles despite any level of complexity of the subject she discusses.

    Chanchal Kumari IT Specialist, NIC
  • Diligent and on Time

    Pooja and the team have been diligent and on time with our content requirements. They were able to pick up a technical subject and delivery content without supervision on a timely basis.

    Annkur P. Agarwal Founder, Pricebaba
  • Makes dull facts interesting

    Just tell her what your readers want and she can come up with a list of well reached and unique articles with the right words used. She is brilliant with her research and the best part is that even the dull facts are made interesting in her articles.

    Dr. Purushothaman Kollam Visionary and Director, Centre for Human Perfection
  • Cooperative and Dedicated

    It is our very pleasure and honor to work with Pooja. She is committed to quality in her work and delivery. Cooperation and dedication make her work easier and it brings smile to our clients.

    Saptarshi Bhaumik HR Officer, Globe IT Solutions
  • Unique Content

    I associated with Alwrite for creating content on my Facebook page. While we worked together Alwrite came with well researched a unique content that was liked by my subscribers.

    Avinash Bhakre Content Head, Navi Mumbai 4 Better Life Foundation
  • Knowledge is Strength

    Her knowledge is her strength. Her write-ups deliver deep insights on every subject she deals with. Also, she has a very good understanding of how to project oneself in online space using the content.

    Asif Abrahim Training Facilitator, International Trainers Conclave
  • An Entrepreneurs Soul

    An Entrepreneur soul by default. A well-researched content approach is what I remember of Pooja. I have worked with her on a few projects and she has a knack of tightening all the loose ends by her own. She is a professional full of ideas and a person full of grit. Wish all the best in all her endeavor.

    Deb Rishi Advertising and Marketing Communication Strategist, Bow and Arrow Learning
  • Highly creative and sensitive

    Pooja has a panache for writing and is very creative & sensitive in what she writes. She can deal with almost any topic you can think of.

    Sujeeth Williams Senior Sales Manager, NCR Corporation
  • Focus, energy, and passion

    Pooja is very focused in her work and always as a track on the whatever she writes or says in her training deliveries.She brings in energy and passion that energizes people around her.

    Prashant Jain Sales Manager, DSNL
  • Analytical and Result Oriented

    Quite a few words to describe her -- Intelligent, Hard Working, Enthusiastic, Dedicated, Keen Insight, Result oriented. Having good analytical mind with great learning attitude sets her apart from crowd..!!

    Sharad Goel Manager, HCL Technologies
  • Her stories take you to places

    She can take you to places through her stories. Her words make you see things in your mind and feel emotions inside.

    Dr. Chaitali Shah Dentist, Private Practitioner
  • Rich explanations

    As a trainer, she can connect topics very smoothly and the way she explains is quite understandable. She makes things simple for you. . She knows her subject very well and can answer every question with the right logic.

    Rajesh Jaamwal Talent Acquisition Specialist, TISS - NUSSD
  • Interesting and engaging

    I found her training very interesting and engaging. Not a single point when one could get bored. Despite a significant crowd, she was able to engage everyone in activities. By the end of the session, we all could know each other by names.

    Aditya Bhalla An Artist, Mumbai
  • Uncomplicated!

    Her passion is visible in her writing. She uses uncomplicated words and writes in a way that is simple to understand yet her writing is never plain but has lot of verve.

    Rajesh Mandhare Owner, Ra - Ma Tattoo Studio
  • Absolutely Original! No Plag!

    Pooja is a very good writer. She has immense expertise at data analytics. She can take challenging and tough assignments easily and complete without errors. I rely on her work and I do not need to invest time to review the paper once done by Pooja. The best part of her writing is that she writes genuine and actual contents which are absolutely plagiarism free. Not a single project, I found any kind of plagiarism. Overall, a great writer with valuable experience...

    Moushumi Pal Assistant Manager, Bandhan Bank
  • Strong Researcher

    She is very strong as a researcher which is reflected in the training modules she creates. It is amazing how observant she can be about the challenges a learner can face. Her detailed explanations and points on error correction have helped me a lot.

    Joyeeta Bose Content Writer and Provider, eBixie Solutions
  • Inspiration is her middle name

    In this fast-changing world some topics are eternal. Alwrite contributes a wide array of articles which range from spirituality, paranormal to self-help and psychology. Inspiration is her middle name. Presenting accurate facts and inciting us to go beyond our usual thinking patterns, Alwrite brings us the wisdom of the other realms.

    Jayanti Poojari Content Head, Read N Surf
  • Brings clarity and vigor to words

    Her editing skill are excellent and professional...She has this ability to bring clarity and vigor to the words of writer. Her editing converts complex concepts written by the author into a simple understandable idea for the reader...Her strong area in language editing is 'major' editing rather than 'minor' editing.

    Siddhant Dhuri Author, Mumbai
  • She gets you completely immersed

    Pooja Dubey can literally paint with words. When I read her stories, I find myself completely immersed in them with the visuals running in my head and I see myself playing, crying and dancing with characters.

    Sonia Photographer, Mumbai