The Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

Life is puzzling, overwhelming and some times scary when we don’t know what is going to happen next. It is recently when I read a book by Jose Silva, The Silva Mind Control Method that I discovered –

My dreams are the key to my subconscious and thus, can give me the missing pieces of the puzzle I am trying to solve.

Family, work, and self – are all complicated areas of life and difficult to deal with. And so I felt overwhelmed, tense, what should I do when I am unable to handle either of them successfully? Nothing was perfect. Nothing was satisfying and yet I have things to be happy about, to boast about. Life on one side looks beautiful, it also looks somewhat crazy on the other side. And I find myself stuck in the middle.

The book says that if you can remember your dream and interpret every element in it, you can see what is going in your life. It can help you identify the causes of problems and at times, also discover the solutions. Though the dreams look random pieces of crazy scenes, they do have patterns that can help you. As per Silva, dreams have the sole objective to help you by working on a pressing problem of your life. At first, it was difficult to believe but then I thought what is the harm in trying. All I had to do was tell myself before sleeping that I want to work on a specific problem that my dream should be of and I should remember it when I get up.

I tried it for a week and was amazed by the results. I felt like every day my dreams were kind of untying the knots I was surrounded with. The first day, I saw a dream about my kid. I saw his evil duplicate in my dream and that scared me. There were many other elements in the dream like a van, a monster, a scarf given by a stranger, and it ended with me deciding to use a code to recognize my real kid so I did not confuse between the two. I had said to my sweet kid in the dream that the moment I say “Bunny123”, and my kid had responded with a code, the code that I did not remember but all I remembered was it had two words and the year 2020. When I got up I tried to interpret it and had amazing discoveries about my life. The only missing piece in the puzzle was the code that I had forgotten. I told the dream to my kid and asked him for the code. I said he has to give me the code as he gave me in the dream and he did. I was shocked to discover that the code he gave me was exactly the same as he gave in the dream. I still don’t know how it worked but it did and the code was “Love20Mom20”.

The next day, I did the same and saw another dream that brought me close to a pressing problem of my life giving me clues that could help. The only thing challenging was the interpretation of each component but as it was my dream, after a long thought, I was able to solve the mystery and figure out the meaning of the dream.

Dreamwork is a beautiful and very useful technique that can help you solve the most complex problems of your life. They can be spiritual, personal, people related, professional, personality-related or anything that bothers you. And it does not take much effort to see a dream. It is already happening to you. You are anyways seeing dreams and all you have to do is remember it and interpret it. At first, you will find it difficult but soon, you will learn how to understand the crazy patterns of our subconscious mind that communicates with us through dreams.

But why am I telling this on the platform that is supposed to talk about writing? Writers are creative but they are also as human as any other person so they go through the same problems as others do. However, having a creative streak gives you an ability to think beyond conventions. You can think out of the box and thus, your dreams are also more adventurous and crazier, possibly. You also carry the power to interpret them because you are a creative person. Even if you are not and you are trying to develop creativity, dreamwork can become a great tool for you to develop these capabilities.

Use the dream method for honing your creative skills and unlocking the hidden pieces of the puzzle of life.


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