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Using the Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Mlle. Ilma, a patient was once tested by doctors who wanted to see the power of the subconscious mind. A pair of scissors that were refrigerated cold was brought to the patient who was made to keep her eyes closed and was brought to a half-asleep state. She was told that the scissor that was about to touch her chest was red hot. When the cold scissor touched her skin, Mlle felt a burning and got a blister in the place that took time to heal. She felt only what her mind believed. That is the power of the subconscious mind!

The story made me think, if everything that happens to our body is somewhere connected to our brain, and if we feel the pain or we get scars only because we believe that we do. I have heard people walking on burning coal, eating glass, and pulling trucks with the rope between teeth. All these things seem impossible yet there are some people who can do. Can there be a possibility that these people are able to achieve the impossible feat because they could make their minds believe that they can?

There is some strange phenomenon that our body and mind experiences, perhaps every day, but we only fail to notice. If you observe it today, you would be shocked that so much is happening, because you may not even know that it was all possible till now. Take these for instance –

  • Your heart can sense danger and it starts to beat faster 10 seconds before it happens, even when you do not have a clue of the potential threat, which means that we always have a 10-second window to save ourselves from any danger if only we could notice that slight fluctuation in our heart rate on time.
  • Your nose is like a storage system for your memories and a place where emotions are generated. It does not follow the rules of time. Instead, your nose acts as a time machine and makes your mind go back in time. Have you ever noticed yourself going back to your childhood when you smell a portion of food that has a similar smell as the food your mother used to cook?
  • You may already know the power of adrenaline that gets secreted in our body when we are faced with a life-threatening situation. In such a condition, you may find yourself running even when your hand is eaten by a shark and you may be lifting a whole car when trying to save someone you love.
  • Your skin regenerates every day and before it does that, it sheds cells. 50,000 cells are shed every minute of your life. So, the dust that you see around you would have a lot of tiny pieces coming from your own body.
  • When you feel itchy, the sensation is coming from your brain that wants you to give it a little pain, which is made possible by scratching. Any irritant touching your skin creates a chain of reactions that travel from skin to the spinal cord to the brain. You can actually get relieved from the feeling of itch without even touching the affected part if only you could make your mind believe it is relieved.
  • Have you ever tried drinking juice just after brushing your teeth? It tastes terrible because your toothpaste messes with your taste buds and you fail to feel the sweetness. At the same time, it enhances your ability to taste the bitter things so if you taste a lemon post brushing, its sour taste would feel sourer.

Coming back to the question of the power of the subconscious mind, there is an amazing thing that you should know. It is the perfect storage for your memory. While consciously, you can forget things, your subconscious mind never forgets. So, you can actually discover the hidden or forgotten pieces of your life if only you can reach your subconscious. On one side, this can be a wonderful thing, on the other side, this could be the cause of all our problems. Your subconscious mind is a perfect slave that believes in everything you say. So, if you have done a mistake and then call yourself stupid, even if it is only out of anger and not a real belief, your subconscious will accept it as a fact that you are stupid. Try calling yourself stupid 100 times and your subconscious mind will make sure you become one. So, watch yourself whenever you say something to yourself.

We keep using bad and unhealthy words in anger and frustration that are accepted by our subconscious minds without resistance. You may not even remember things you would say to yourself that have caused problems in your life. For instance, if you are planning to appear for an exam and while studying you find a subject difficult. You fear the test and tell yourself that you will fail. You study hard enough to pass and yet you fail. You are unable to understand how it could happen, that you suddenly forgot the answer to the most critical question in the exam, which you actually had remembered just before the exam. The truth is that you only told your mind that you were going to fail so it is just obeying your command. Do you have any idea about how many times have you programmed your own mind in such a non-healthy way in your life?

When in school you attempted a math question and got the answer wrong, your teacher would first see where you went wrong and then would tell you corrections to make. In the same way, when you know something is wrong in life, you need to check if you are fed with the wrong formula in your head and then make corrections. You can change your life and make your conscious mind think, believe or do what is best for you by understanding how your subconscious has already been programmed negatively and then reprogramming it for better.

Even when you are unable to discover where you have gone wrong, you can still use positive suggestions to create a new layer of positive belief for yourself. These are called autosuggestions. Identify your goals and the beliefs that you need to achieve them. Convert these beliefs into active positive statements about yourself. You have to keep saying these statements to yourself multiple times especially in situations like –

  • Just before you are going to sleep at night
  • When you are about to get up in the morning
  • When you are looking at the mirror

Let’s take a few examples of autosuggestions that can be effective –

  • If your goal is to excel in exams, you may want to tell yourself – “I am a genius”
  • If you want to overcome your fear of public speaking before your presentation, you can tell yourself – “I am the best”
  • Before facing a potential client, you can say – “I am getting this deal”
  • Before taking a workshop where you are likely to face tough questions from the audience – “I know everything about the topic”

So, here is what you can do to use the real power of your subconscious mind –

  • Use positive autosuggestions and avoid using negative. Whenever you have a negative thought coming to your mind, counter it with an opposite thought and say it aloud. For instance, every time you do a silly mistake, instead of saying “I am stupid”, say “I am a genius who can learn from mistakes”. Do not applaud yourself for stupidity because even if your mind will start thinking that you are a genius, it will also start believing that the stupid things you did were actually the mark of a genius. And, do not forget to applaud yourself when you are actually doing something great.
  • Just before going to sleep, in front of your mirror, and after getting up – talk good to yourself
  • Use things like meditation to go close to your subconscious to discover what is wrong
  • Visualize the most desired state of achievement before an important action in your mind and try to picture every detail as it can help your subconscious believe in its existence. For instance, if you want to do public speaking, visualize yourself delivering one and picture how you would look,  who would be attending, how you would be speaking, how you would be feeling, and even what you would be wearing.


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