Website Revamp for a Market Research Firm

Mr. Rakesh was sitting in his cabin, looking somewhat tense, and having deep thoughts. He had come to office a little early today. Normally, he would reach office by 10 AM but today, he was at his desk at sharp 9 AM. He scrolled through the presentation. Of course, it looked good with harmonious colour usage and brand identity well captured. It also had promising figures and he was sure that it would be able to impress Mr. Jacob., the Founder of an IT company whom he had met only a month ago at a business seminar in Bengaluru. Just yesterday, Mr. Rakesh had received a call from him confirming his intensions to meet. He was expected in office in the first week of the next month which was only 8 days away.

The Background

Mr. Rakesh had been running this business for over 3 years now and had a very deep knowledge of research. Within just a few years, he not just built a strong team of motivated researchers with over 8 years of experience each, he could also expand its panels into 29 countries and cater to a large number of consumer research needs. He had a very strong foothold on research technologies and could provide highly customized solutions that were capable of solving problems of company’s customers. A strong team coupled with technological excellence gave the company an edge and he always got appreciation from clients.

The clients were confident of his capabilities but with Mr. Jacob, the situation was very different. His company was located in USA and he had intensions to expand in India for which he had travelled and was going to explore the opportunities. He needed to understand the Indian market and identify prospects for which he needed a research. He had many options as he had met many companies in the seminar, at least, a third of them were in the business of research or management consulting. Considering the tough competition, Mr. Rakesh had the pressure of giving the best presentation but will even the best presentation be sufficient? He wondered.

Understanding Customer Needs

Mr. Rakesh still remembered what Mr. Jacob had said on call, “I glanced through your website and thought you were only into field research”. Of course, he was but 2 years back. In last 2 years, the company had grown from a field research agency into a full service market research firm but the website told a different story altogether. Mr. Rakesh updated the figures on the business presentation but what about the website?

On one side, Mr. Rakesh wanted his presentation to speak a selling tone that was subtle but effective and on the other side, he needed to have content on the website that was in line with the latest position of the company.

Research business is different. Unlike a consumer driven service where jazzy marketing advertisements and a regularly popping window would get the attention of a consumer, market research needs to sell its services to corporate in a clever way. It is a business driven by data and insights which is why subject expertise is the most important aspect of a research business. What clients look for is not an overpromising marketing but a content that is authentic, relevant, and useful. In market research, promises don’t sell but a strong targeted content does. A research Business needs – a clear communication on the capabilities of a business entity, some authenticated knowledge bytes, and the demonstration of an understanding of the client’s business problems.


Mr. Rakesh had two things in mind – Renovate the website and edit the presentation to increase its effectiveness. The challenge with the current website was twofold – 1. Need for addition of content that truly represented the brand value as well as communicated the current position of the company with its latest services and their benefits to potential clients through the website. 2. Need to make this content highly relevant, authentic, crisp, and useful. Most of the content on website was old except for a few product pages and blog articles that were added on different occasions by the company with the help of freelance writers. The presentation was good but Mr. Rakesh felt there was a need to reduce the word count to match with the international standard.

Considering the growing business, it was not easy for him to give sufficient time to his ideas. For website renovation, he needed an expert guidance on content and for presentation, he needed a good editor. He knew a few writers and copywriters but to be able to complete the project, he needed to do a lot of ground work from gathering samples to assessing writers, selecting them, finalizing them, giving them branding guidelines, getting different content delivered by different writers, editing to ensure they all were in sync – the work appeared overwhelming. Could he not get just a single expert who could take care of all this?

He called his trusted friend Vivek, a website designer and asked if he knew a content expert who could help in some way. Vivek suggested him the name of Pooja Dubey. When Mr. Rakesh spoke to Pooja and told her about his challenges, needs, constraints, and urgencies, he got an assurance of getting everything done with least efforts required from him within the given timeline. He was initially sceptical but rather than reaching out to multiple writers, trusting her still sounded better. Mr. Rakesh had read the samples of Pooja’s work shared to him and had liked them. The tone did match that of a researcher and knowing that she actually had a practical experience of doing research, the deal was also interesting.

The Solution

Pooja started with a formal proposal sent to Mr. Rakesh which outlined detailed deliverables including website content analysis, client interview, brand personality identification, content planning, content writing, client feedback, feedback incorporation, and final delivery. Mr. Rakesh felt some relief – she knew her work well and had also understood the requirement sufficiently. After Mr. Rakesh gave a go ahead on deliverables, Pooja reverted back with a timeline for completion of each deliverable and within 2 days, another document with website content analysis was sent to him. The document included audience analysis, competition analysis, and website content analysis. Recommendations were also made for improvement in the content. Mr. Rakesh did not take much time to give a green signal and approved most suggestions presented. The project went as per timeline and all deliveries were made within 20 days. The website content now looked fresh and updated. Mr. Rakesh was happy and confident of meeting Mr. Jacob now.

He thought, if she could handle the content work and understand business requirement so well, will she also help me edit the presentation? He called Pooja and told her that he had only one day to edit the presentation. Pooja promised him to deliver before he would meet his client. He thought if there was even a slight delay then he would not be able to present the edited work yet he showed confidence in her and gave her the work. Just an hour before the meeting, Mr. Rakesh received the edited presentation. He opened the presentation with a concern that he had no time for giving feedback if it needed changes, but to his surprise, the presentation was edited exactly the way he needed. The words were reduced significantly in numbers yet the messages remained intact. Not a single point was missed and yet the presentation script was reduced by 35%. He observed another plus – the presentation and the website content had the same style, same tone, and same positioning.

When it comes to developing content for website, just knowing the products and services is not enough. A website needs more than just an array of information – it needs to be – communicate brand, educate client and engage audience.