What inspires you to write?

What inspires you as a writer? What makes your mind create ideas? What gives you the kick to start writing? What keeps you going always? What makes you pick your pen and start scribbling? What makes you enter a new world of imagination?

If you are a writer from heart, anything and everything can inspire you and give you ideas. Whether it is a boring routine day at an office or an amazing ride to the mountains, whether is your computer giving you troubles by hanging or people applauding you on your achievement. Whether it is a freshly bought book that you are reading or a movie just released on Netflix.

Writing sounds like a mind job and it is but it begins from the heart even when you are not writing stories but a blog article on a business problem or a technological device. If the heart is what is your source of inspiration, you will never fall short of it. J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter Series would get inspiration sitting in cheap cafe’s. A few minutes spent in a laundry room inspired Stephen King to write the novel, Four Past Midnight.

You could be hearing stories of great writers with great novels inspired by some great personalities, events, or experiences but the truth is that you do not need any major event to happen to get inspiration. These stories are told to make the stories bigger but in reality, every day is an inspiration for writers to write. You cannot have a big adventure every year in your life to push you to write but small things and little experiences in your daily life can actually give you a lot of inspiration if only you learn to see everything like a write and material for your inspiration and ideas.

A girl waiting at a bus stop can inspire a story that talks about her bus trip on the last day to the office which changes her life forever because on her very last day, her office systems were hacked and data was manipulated. Perhaps, this manipulation changed the records in a way that she now did not appear like a person who lost her job but was somehow misrepresented as the head of her department.

The same event can also inspire a journalistic piece in which you could be covering the miseries of daily travelers who worked hard in their offices and yet were unhappy with their jobs because they did not provide enough for a safe and peaceful journey. If only companies could provide private buses for all their employees, their lives can be made simpler and this could become an appeal for a cause.

A careful look at the garden just below your building where kids could be playing, you can think of a story in which the kids suddenly disappear from the garden as they have been kidnapped by someone no one was able to see and it can turn into a great mystery novel.

The same experience can also trigger an experiential peace about the innocence of kids and the dangers they have to face while playing in the garden when they are not watched over by their parents. You could talk about a way to make the places like these safer for kids even in the absence of their guardians.

Now, play the video below and see if you can find inspiration for a story or a blog. Let me give you a key to finding a story – Start with the “What if…” statement and to it, add an action that is unlikely to happen in the given situation if you want to write a story. Start by answering the question, “What else can I see here?” if you want to write a blog article. If you can see something other than what is obvious such as kid’s safety when what you are seeing is kids having fun.


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