Workshops & Seminars

I provide workshops and seminars for individual learners and college students including engineering, arts, commerce,
and MBA graduates.

My exclusive writing workshops and mini training programs are designed to


Serve the academic and technical writing needs of
college students


Prepare the enthusiastic learners for a deep exploration of the world of writing


Refine the existing talent in passionate students to bring them to a professional level

The training programs includes

  1. Academic Writing – writing research reports, dissertations, thesis, academic assignments, books, and training materials.
  2. Management Writing – Writing case studies, management blogs, process documents, and articles on management subjects to name a few.
  3. Blog Writing – You can write blog on any topic once you learn the principles
  4. Content Writing – Your play area includes the entire web and all writing formats once you learn the principles, styles, formats, and more.
  5. Writing Skills Development – Develop your skills as a writer and equip yourself to tackle any form of writing assignment, be it a blog article, a display advert, or a management document.


These workshops are the part of corporate writing course and cover some fundamentals. In these workshops, you get the bird’s eye view of topics cover and enough knowledge about fundamentals to help you take a step forward towards learning the more advanced level of writing. These workshops are conducted bi-monthly in Mumbai. If you wish to attend any upcoming workshop or would like to add a topic for discussion, you can send an email on

corporate writing workshop by Pooja Dubey