Business Writing

In a business, your content requirements are not restricted to websites but you need more.
I offer you all types of content that you may need in your business including presentation scripts, letters, speeches, and standard templates for employee, partner or client communications.

Blog Writing

I write blogs on business and management topics for multiple channels, audience, and industries.
From social responsibilities to technology and strategic management, I have handled most of the subjects for several industries including IT, Education, Media, and Manufacturing to name a few.

Content Writing

I provide complete content for the websites including articles, blogs, company pages, product pages, case studies, whitepapers, and customized content.
A highly customized and flexible content development plan is provided to you for establishing or strengthening your digital branding.


Technical Writing

If you have a product or a service that is complicated or involves advanced technologies that need to be explained to your customers or employees, I will help you bring conceptual clarity for your audience by developing well-researched and unique case studies & white papers.

Academic Writing

I develop training modules (book based, instructional, and script based), write research reports & journal articles (On IT, Education, Marketing, and Business), and refine book content (study material or self help – both editing and rewriting).


You can promote yourself through website, social media, emails, blogs, forums, and networking platforms.
Be it any channel or any form of promotion – an ad or a message, I will help you present your unique selling preposition to your audience with a strong and creative content.


Book Writing

A special service for subject matter experts who wish to publish their work, experiences or wisdom.
I will help you collate and organize your ideas to create a book that you can publish in your name. Proofreading and Editing included.


I help you make your work publish ready by eliminating all the errors in your writing including flaws in grammar, spelling, punctuation, presentation, vocabulary, structure, and formats.
Additional suggestions for conceptual improvement.


This goes beyond proofreading and involves editorial refinement through improvements in mechanical and factual consistency, structure, clarity, flow, word usage, sentence structure, paragraphs, transitions, definitions, explanations and logic.