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The Story of a Writer

She was 21 years old and the only dream that drove her was to become a great engineer like her father who was appreciated at work by his colleagues and who was also very well known for his exquisite intelligence. This was the reason why she chooses to become an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer. But life doesn’t always go as planned. On the day of her first-year results, a bike bumped into her while she was peacefully standing on the footpath waiting for a bus and this changed her course of life. As the bike hit her tender body, she flipped into the air and toppled to smash right into a tree hitting her head hard enough to fall unconscious immediately.


This was a disaster but not so big because she was lucky to have not suffered any major damage to her brain except for some headaches because of hairline fractures in her temporal bone and some concussions resulting from blood clots inside it. In time, she recovered but the temporary damage to her brain made her forgetful and she would not remember the lessons that came too easy to her earlier. While earlier, she never had to specially study for her exams as she would remember everything taught in the class, now she had to work harder on her studies but despite that, she failed in two subjects in the second year and that dragged her back in her journey. She could not sit for campus placements as only the students with flawless records were allowed.


When you don’t get a job after engineering, what do you do? Perhaps take the next common path of going for higher studies and that is exactly what she did and landed up in an MBA institute studying Marketing & IT, retaining her technical interests. This detour in her journey was again about to change her life forever. The new world of marketing took her to places where she would meet non-technical people and one of these people introduced her to a new concept called “Blogging”. As soon as she heard of it, she began to express herself to the world through her blog articles. With this blog on which she used to not just write her observations of the world but also stories, a new person was born – A WRITER!


And it did not take her long to realize that this was her true calling and as soon as she discovered that writing could also pay for her living, she jumped straight into it. But, she was not prepared for this transition already. She had no formal lessons on writing, no experience, and was not good at the English Language. But once you know what your true passion is, your weaknesses cannot stop you. While her sustenance, relationships, and reputation – all were on the line, she chose to stay on the path and improved upon every weakness she had within a few years and become a writer who was truly admired for her potential just like her father. Her dream came true, just the path was different.





Content Writer Pooja Dubey

When I began my journey, I had no help, no support, and no guidance but of my own. I had searched like crazy to find someone to teach me writing skills and when I could not find one, I opted for a distant learning course from London that was way beyond my budget that provided no lectures but only books and email-based assistance from the tutor who would check every assignment you submitted. Over the years, in my feeble attempts to find great courses for improvement of my skills, I ended up taking more than 100 online courses and read over 50 books on writing. And that is how I learned writing. I could walk this path because I was  BOOKWORM who knew how to grab lessons from books.


But learning only through books is not the fastest way to learn. Over the years, I have discovered ways to speed up your journey in the world of writing. While initially, my journey was slow, after 2015, I literally ran like a speedster. While before that I was hardly anywhere and was only a ghostwriter who worked on academic and technical writing assignments only. Within 4 years, I found myself doing something that looked impossible earlier. I became an author, had my own personal branding website, got 60+ clients, worked on 55+ content formats, created a presence on all major social media platforms, gained thousands of followers on LinkedIn, became a content strategist, a go-to-writer for B2B, was listed on Just dial plus 30 more platforms, raised by SEO ranking on Google, and hired a few more writers for completing big assignments. And in the next 2 years, I forged ahead and became a coach for new writers and created Global Writers Academy that has trained over 500 people on different subjects of their interest online in just 18 months.



If you have a passion for writing but not enough guidance to turn your passion into a profession that not just pays but also gives you the freedom to create a new work lifestyle of your choice, join hands with me…

As I take you through my BLUEPRINT for SUCCESS in the world of professional content writing on 31st July 2021 from 6 pm to 8 pm.


And this is what you will get to learn in the session:

  1. How to identify your natural strengths as a writer and use them to select your niche
  2. Understand the skills needed to become a content creator and see where you stand on each
  3. Identify your areas of improvement and create a foolproof plan for improvement within 20 days
  4. Learn the best principles of writing and find a way to put them to practice
  5. Learn how to come up with new and unique ideas for content creation
  6. Learn how to find clients for content writing online to start earning from your skills
  7. Get a FREE one-on-one coaching call with me to decide your journey post this session

Workshop Fee: Rs. 999/-

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